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Anyone giving spiralizing a try?


I’m trying to reduce the carbs.. popped into Lidl yesterday for groceries and saw these... no price on them, but thought.. it’s Lidl! They won’t be much... They were £1.29... got to be worth a try!

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LythamSuper Host 3 stone

Hey, that looks brilliant ! I use my now redundant potato peeler! :-) x

JRCJ2020 August

Hi, yes I invested in one that has different blades. Quite fun trying them out. I’ve made courgettie, sweet potato fries, noodles and a few other things. There are some great recipes on the BBC food website that you might find useful.

Nobodysperfect1kg in reply to JRCJ

Oh, good idea to use sweet potato! Do you know is it much better than normal potato for low carb? I’ll take a look at the bbc website! 😁

Bee-bop2st 7lbs in reply to Nobodysperfect

Hi there carb wise I have been told not really but, GI wise much better which is why I swapped my white potatoes for sweet potatoes 👍

I don't think you can go wrong. They are currently on ebay for £6-11, so if you don't like it you can make a profit.

Spiralized cucumber FTW on a hot day, to make Thai style noodle salad.

👍 Glad I got it now! Thanks everyone. Love cucumber, so will try that.. I’m on my way to the coast... will be difficult not having fish n chips.. might leave the chips, have the fish n try to find a salad or some veg! 😬

Sammiseal1st 7lbs

Hey thanks for the heads up. I've wanted a spirralizer for ages, but didn't want to fork out incase it didn't work well, or the novelty wore off, but I think I can stretch to lidl's price to try one 😄

Nobodysperfect1kg in reply to Sammiseal

Lidl is great! Thought I’d hate it when it first came to town, but the salad is always fantastic in our one! And the middle bits often really good too! Hope you find one sammiseal.

Sammiseal1st 7lbs in reply to Nobodysperfect

Yeah we've got one. It's a bit of a hike from where I live but I do like to go once a month or so for the middle aisle 😁

Charl332020 August

Definitely popping into Lidl today. Thanks for sharing

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