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Difficulty losing weight

purpleswimmer2020 May

Around 8yrs ago I started a healthy eating regime and over a period of 18months lost 5.5st. I did this with eating less and healthier and moving more. Lots of walking and swimming. I put on a stone when I retired 4yrs ago but hsv4e put on 2 stone over Xmas then being ill with heart failure and afib on January then lock down when I was often ill with different meds I was taking therefore very lethargic.

I am is a better place now but finding it very difficult to lose weight despite sticking to betwern 1200-1300 cals per day. I am unable to do the walking and no swimming at present but try to do over 5000 steps per day nothing compared to what I used to do. However, I only lost 8lbs over a two month period and currently have managed to put 4lb back on after a week of outings with my partner who was on holiday.

My meds are bisoprolol, lisnoprol, bumetanide and lansoprazole could any of these be slowing my weight loss down. My partner has lost 1.5st and eats the same or similar. X

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Hello and it’s good to see you back with us 😊.

I doubt much that you have gained 4lbs of fat, and you may well see most of it gone as soon as you get back into your normal routine. However, it may well be that your ‘routine’ is too restrictive, hence the gain when you relaxed.

I can’t offer any help regarding medication, but can suggest regular forum involvement, especially the Group Weigh-in and Daily Diary, and hopefully our lovely members can offer useful suggestions

Best wishes


What sort of food are you eating, purpleswimmer? I'd say the 'eat less, move more' diet principle has been under increasing criticism as a long term sustainable model. Works to start with (and your loss is great) but can stall.

Getting into the detail with the 'Daily Diary' might be a good way to explore what you are eating rather than how much of it. 😄


Following up on SofaJockey 's reply, this explains why "eat less, move more" is unhelpful advice psychologytoday.com/us/blog...

You'll find further posts and videos here: DIET MYTHS: Eat less, move more healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

Bee-bop2st 7lbs

Hi purpleswimmer,

I am thinking that I would be checking with my doctor about how the meds might affect weightloss and also asking advice as you are someone who has afib and in the past heart failure so, I would want to be on the safe side with any new plan I was taking onboard.

You have done well losing 8lbs on the diet you were doing and you know your increase is due to your partner being on holiday. It sounds like you enjoy your walking and swimming and I hope you are able to start these again soon as there are lots of positives to keeping up your exercise.

Good luck with your weightloss

My goodness you were so fit all those years and then to have such chronic illness I do feel for you a lot. I wonder if the weight gain caused the heart prob or too much exercise over the years. Who knows as I've heard and read so many people who have eaten healthy kept fit then take ill. It could be your meds slowing weightless as partner lost more. Metabolism different for everyone. You're doing well and trying your best so keep going. I'm eating badly and little exercise and know I'm heading for problems. I was a swimmer pilates up to 2 years ago until bad pain.

You sound as if you may have acid reflux. No coffee spices fatty foods chocolate little cheese biscuits etc. Berries are acidic so eat with soya almond milk or make a smoothie with blueberries and one banana and almond milk. Eggs should be ok. And of course green veg. It's all trial and error. Good luck

purpleswimmer2020 May in reply to basten

I do think the number of years I carried the extra 6+ stone will not have helped my heart. My smoking from aged 10yrs until this year would also have been a factor I am sure. I am finding it extremely difficult not being able to do any exercise at the moment apart from a 10-20 min walk. Some very light gardening but really more like supervising. I have immflamation in my stomach caused by medication and know to have to cut out a lot of my favourite foods ie. spicy meals and soups....love Thai! Fruit of just about any kind but especially berries and cherries but also mandarins/🍊 cheeses and chocolate but very little chocolate these days. Love a bit of cake when on holiday. Do need to look at what I eat. I eat what I like but in small quantities however not sure I can make drastic changes at moment as feel my life is hardly worth living as it is. Luckily I have always had fairly low cholesterol . Xx

basten in reply to purpleswimmer

Yes I was a smoker. Noone told us much about it in my day.

Yes fruit acidic and no citric. Its depressing to have stomach issues on all you've been through. But yes it can get to the stage that if you cant even enjoy a piece of cake or something in life what's the point in it all as as you know life is too short. Glad your cholesterol is low. I wish you luck and hope you can still lose a few more pounds albeit slowly.

purpleswimmer2020 May in reply to basten

Thanks, do feel life would not be worth living without treats. The last few months have been very difficult and sometimes I lack motivation. I have had a couple of good weeks recently. Xx

Sewnknit4 stone

I feel your pain!

I have Afib and was on Bisoprolol. It does slow you down, including your tum and can slow weight loss.

You say you have heart failure, have you any fluid retention? My tablets were changed and they caused that problem (I went up 7 lbs in 7 days) but got it down with moving about as best I could. The meds can make you feel very lethargic.

What are you eating? I have switched to LCHF and it has helped a lot.

Are you eating enough?

Changing things round can help get things moving as well.

basten in reply to Sewnknit

Have you lost weight on LCHF and arent you concerned it will raise your cholesterol? Purpleswimmer has issues with pain on eating now and its advisable to eat more alkaline foods such as green veg little fruit maybe a pear a day and a oid fatty food

purpleswimmer2020 May in reply to basten

Hey what is LCHF or am I just being stupid? Lol xx

Low carb high fat.

You might find this helpful


dawnz2st 7lbs in reply to purpleswimmer

Hi purpleswimmer , low carbohydrate, high fat is what it is and I have been following it for about a year. I too have heart issues, as already mentioned and leaky valves and health issues around mobility. I have lost three stone in total but it has been slow going which I am fine with. I think treats are important and so is 'mixing it up' otherwise each day just becomes dull. My main tips would be;use a smaller plate. ANyTHING at all that you are going to eat must be put on the plate and you sit down and eat, This is because I had to break the habit of grazing out of the fridge and eating on the move. I have stalled lately, so have gone back to reading the lists of ingredients, and realised with horror I was eating way too many carbs despite thinking I was still sticking to <50g daily! High fat in this diet is to maintain your energy levels and again has to be measured in. Thankfull y this forum will give you loads of ideas for keeping your meals interesting, also the nhs calorie caounter will give you other values, such as fat and carb content. Sorry I have gone on a bit, and sorry for the poor spelling, its been a long day and I am tired. Have a great week and make sure you incorporate food you like!!

purpleswimmer2020 May in reply to dawnz

Have to admit high fat scares me. Where do I find this diet as I do find it hard to navigate this site . Xx

dawnz2st 7lbs in reply to purpleswimmer

This forum will give you loads of ideas to put a plan together incorporating what you like to eat with recipes and tips. The NHS site for diabetes is good because this is the best way of controlling blood sugar (sugar, starch, carbs is explained). Just google lchf diet for loads of ideas but don't get bogged down, keep it simple. NHS recommends max of 130g carbs per day so that is a good start. fats need to be the good ones not the bad so I forwent my tubs of ice cream! Good luck and keep posting

Sewnknit4 stone

I've lost 4 stone.

I have an electrical problem, not a pipe work one (no problems with my arteries) and the link between cholesterol you eat and what zips round your body has rather been debunked now, but the old school find it hard to let go...

I'm not drowning in lard, though I have just seen the post about tummy issues.

I used to have IBS, so i know that our tummies can take over our lives!

purpleswimmer2020 May in reply to Sewnknit

Hi all,

I do try to eat a healthy diet. Very little bread, 2 small slices in morning if not having porridge or yoghurt and fruit. Very little red meat chilli and bolognese only and even then sometimes turkey mince. Chicken, seafood and lots of fresh fruit, veg and salads. Only eat potatoes ie boiled or wedges about once a week. However, I do like my spices, curries and Thai noodles, soups etc.

I do retain fluid but take two diuretics every morning, I have lymphoedema and have in earlier this year had fluid on my lungs but this was resolved and my ankles not bad just now. Xx

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