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Chocolate and weightloss

BJ20204st 7lbs

Hi All,

Had about 6 timeouts and a break away yesterday weighed myself in the evening after this and was 13st 13. Weighed myself this morning and was 13st 11 biggest weight loss this month so far. I have read that chocolate can aid in weight loss. Thoughts anyone?

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It sounds like wishful thinking to me. There's plenty of reports that a small quantity of dark chocolate is good for you because of anti-toxicants, in a similar way that red wine is reported as being good, but in both cases the quantity involved is far too little for lovers of the product. Of course, for the calorie counters out there you can consume most of your calories as chocolate and still lose weight, but this really highlights the flaws in trying to maintain a healthy weight long term by calorie counting.

BJ20204st 7lbs in reply to BigRedDBA

Thanks for the reply. It was Milk chocolate but I remember this happened before and thinking it might have something to do with water retention and that's to do with the kidneys I believe. Also I have stopped using my fitness pal as this was just helping me maintain the weight even though I stuck to they number of calories or less. Since stopping using that app I have lost 3 pounds

"I have read that chocolate can aid in weight loss."


Er, no 😄

I could accept that a small quantity of high cocoa (70%+) chocolate could be viable as an occasional treat, but I struggle to see how some helpful minerals offsets the added sugar, hydrogenated fats and additives.

Have some if you like, of course, but seems clearly not to be a 'weight-loss aid'.

BJ20204st 7lbs in reply to SofaJockey

Thanks just found it strange I was eating all the good stuff and staying the same, ate that and lost 2 pounds, lol

SofaJockeyHost in reply to BJ2020

Perhaps it was a concurrence, not a causation. 😎

Hidden in reply to BJ2020

We all weigh more in the evening than in the morning. You can also ‘lose weight’ by weighing ourselves on carpet, then on a hard floor.

Chocolate may have benefits. Unfortunately what you ate was sugar. Not only will it be stored in your fat, but eating it will stop your body burning fat for hours afterwards, and make you hungry again soon - which leads to bingeing.

If you want healthy chocolate, go for 70% or more dark chocolate. But you won't like it. Sugar is what your body is craving. You need to deal with that first.

Oh, this is more negative than I hoped, but I don't want you eating any more of that rubbish while convincing yourself it's a health food ♥

BJ20204st 7lbs in reply to Subtle_badger

Thanks. I wasn't craving sugar and just decided to get it as a treat. I do like the 70% cocoa dark chocolate too. I just get it now and again. Just seemed odd to me that I have stayed the same weight for weeks and then just in that one day I lost 2 pounds. 🙂

Subtle_badger17kg in reply to BJ2020

I think you are not recognising cravings. If your body wants sugar, it won't be asking you to spoon it in from a bag, it will want it in the forms it is used to.

You have described eating 64g of sugar in a day. That's 16 teaspoons! If you aren't craving it, why would you eat that much sugar? It's more than twice what the NHS recommends and 16 times the amount of sugar that your blood stream can hold.

I think your body craved sugar and told you to eat the sweets. One or two (I know they are small) is a treat. 6 + 1 is a binge.

At the end of 200km audax (finished in 13 hours), I needed two receipts (long story). So I bought a twix and a bounty. That's about the same amount of sugar you ate. I could only eat one bar out of four, despite my exertions. If your body kept say, "yes, more" then you are feeding a craving or even an addiction. It's easy to lie to yourself and call it a "treat"

And it looks like sugar is as poisonous to the liver as alcohol. Even if you somehow don't gain body fat, it doesn't mean you aren't harming yourself.

BJ20204st 7lbs in reply to Subtle_badger

No worries will see in a couple of days the effect 🙂

Subtle_badger17kg in reply to BJ2020

Make sure you get a liver biopsy.

BJ20204st 7lbs in reply to Subtle_badger

Was thinking of asking the for a check up as I know water retention is from kidneys. I don't really have a sweet tooth to be honest. Plus this was meant as a more general question about peoples thoughts on it that's all. But I'm going to be sticking the fruit etc now


I suspect the two pound difference was just the normal overnight fluctuation, water and unlikely to be fat, so not a real loss, ☹️

BJ20204st 7lbs in reply to IndigoBlue61

Still going to take it as such though 🙂


Not long enough to see the true effect. You do replenish glycogen overnight from where is has been used during the day, and it's taken from the liver so that's where the weight loss comes in; glycogen lost from the liver takes water with it.

There are worse things than chocolate, in that the energy delivery is slower than most grains for instance, but there's a load of difference between high-cocoa content chocolate and the high sugar chocolate, plus the wafers are digested much faster causing a rapid rise in blood glucose followed by a spike in insulin attempting to cope.

BJ20204st 7lbs in reply to StillConcerned

Cheers for the info

TheProf2020 July

My weight varies much more than that. I have "lost" 2 kg since Tuesday. It's mainly water and the temperature has gone down since then. I have lost 20kg since September but I am used to ignoring daily and weekly fluctuations. Always weigh the same time each week but not in between. My diet involves only 1 treat per week.

BJ20204st 7lbs in reply to TheProf

I'm just trying to test what is happening to the body when certain foods are been eaten and it is interesting to see the results. Congrats on your loss to date 🙂

Hi, I usually find my weight is a day behind when I've eaten something I shouldn't so the weight gain may be in the following days.

I know deep down I shouldn't eat chocolate because once I start..........!

I also know it's all or nothing for me, some people can stop at a couple of chunks but if I have it in the house I really can't relax until it's all gone!

BJ20204st 7lbs in reply to Daisy_May

So far so good still 13st 11

BJ2020 I treat myself to a small piece of Bourneville classic dark chocolate every day and I am still losing weight but I don't think it's the chocolate - I am Intermittent Fasting between 6.30pm and 10.30 am and I think that's been the key to my success so far not the chocolate. Though who knows maybe the chocolate is keeping me on the right track.

Maybe your body needs more calories than you're giving it? Or it may be that you will put on the 2 lbs that you've lost before tomorrow? Do let us know how you get on please.

BJ20204st 7lbs in reply to Clematisa1

I've lost a little more since then. All going good 🙂 now down to 13st 10. IF was only good for maintaining my weight for myself

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