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New dieter - hi all 😁


Hi all I’m new and tomorrow is my first weigh in for myself. I’ve been calorie counting rather than trying branded diets. I’ve tried to keep my calories around 1100-1200 a day and I’m just getting used to it now. I’ve also signed up to the active 10. I’m disabled and can’t do brisk walking but dancing also seems to count so I’m dancing ten minutes a day haha. Fingers crossed I’ll see a result tomorrow on the scales because I don’t want to get despondent. I started at 16 stone 11 and I’m only 5 feet 3 inches tall so I’m practically spherical lol!

I’ve only just joined this group and I’m looking forward to reading your posts to help keep me going 💕

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ScouseJBRestart July 2020

Hi Whizzy! Tomorrow is my first weigh in too. I’m also the dizzying height of 5ft 3 😁.

I have an ongoing back condition so exercising for me is really restrictive (I miss swimming). I have also been calorie counting with attempts at high protein meals to keep me fuller for longer.

Good Luck and fingers crossed for a positive result.

whizzyknickers5lbs in reply to ScouseJB

Hi Scouse! We shorties need to stick together lol 🤣🤣🤣

Nice to meet you and good luck to you too


Hello and welcome whizzyknickers 😊

I also use the Active10 App and find you don’t have to be walking that fast for it to register as ‘brisk’ plus in my opinion ANY walking is good. 👍

If you haven’t already then please read the Welcome Message in Pinned Posts here Please read it carefully so you can find all the information you need to find your way around the forum.

As a peer to peer support group we rely totally upon mutual encouragement. Nothing beats joining in, reading posts and replying to others. Our Group Weigh-in and the Daily Diary are probably the best places to start. A minor word of caution though, I would double check your calorie target on the NHS BMI checker, 1400 is the MINIMUM for anyone, and you may find yours could be even more. It’s really important to eat enough or you’ll be hungry, plus you’ve nowhere to reduce to as you lose weight

If you haven't already taken it, here's a tour of the forum to help you find your way around. I’d start with Pinned Posts, especially the Welcome Message, but please ask if you have any questions

Best wishes in your weight loss journey

Indigo 😊


Welcome aboard 😊

Just seconding Indigo's advice to take your calorie range from the NHS BMI calculator. 1100-1200 is likely to be way too low. Check it out and see what it advises

whizzyknickers5lbs in reply to BridgeGirl

Thanks, I’ll have a look

Recommended daily calorie intake:

1630 - 2096 kcal

To lose 1-2lbs a week stick to the lower end of the range.

Oops! 🤣🤣🤣

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to whizzyknickers

Good 😊 I recommend you don't go below the lower end. You will lose weight in that range. I lost 1lb a week average by eating in the middle of the range. Don't be tempted to eat to little. It won't serve you well and you're more likely to pack it in.

Have a look at Pinned Posts, following the link Indigo has given you, and see what others are eating on Daily Diary

Welcome to the forum Wizzyknickers. The weigh-ins aren't as stressful as WW. That seems a very low calorie target, although I'm sort of doing LCHF myself. Actually I think my alcohol intake would use all your calorie allowance (it is still sort of lockdown and I like a drink while watching football). As long as my weight is reducing I'm keeping the alcohol consumption in reserve as a last ditch effort if I stall.

whizzyknickers5lbs in reply to BigRedDBA

I know what you mean re: alcohol lol! I’m not drinking at all but now I know I have leeway I’m going to treat myself to a rum in my Pepsi Max! 😁


Hi and welcome 1100 to 1200 seems low

I’ve been calorie counting it definitely works as makes you realise what every food contains. I use a app called lose it. I find it’s great as remember all your previous foods and If in a I phone and I watch it links your exercise and steps and then increases the calories you can have.

If want any help get in touch. David

Good luck Whizzyknickers. Xx

Welcome. Glad you're here to work with us.

Have a nice weekend.

whizzyknickers5lbs in reply to zinza

Thank you, you too!

Sammiseal3 stone

Hey welcome aboard! Glad you got your calorie allowance sorted coz going too low doesn't work, just makes you miserable! Myfitnesspal is useful for tracking calories and exercise, and you can link it to fitbit and other apps.

Good luck with your first weigh in! 🍀

Reving1 stone

Welcome whizzyknickers I love your positive approach. You’ll get lots of suppo45 and tips on here. Have you entered your food on daily diary. It helps 😁

whizzyknickers5lbs in reply to Reving

Hi Reving, thanks for the warm welcome! I’m writing down everything I eat which really helps. Not done it on an app or anything but must admit, I’m in a good place!

Thanks again and have a great weekend (what’s left!)

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