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Having an off day. Managing mental health. Help!

KarolinaM2020 June

It's all gone wrong today 🙈. Having a bit of an issue with my mental health and that has led me to eat badly. Not sure actually if I'm using it as an excuse but I don't feel great and am trying to do what I can do to feel better, which is obviously easy rubbish food 🙄. I wish I had a different strategy.

I feel that my mental health is the most important thing because without that, there is no way I can eat /live healthily, but it's been so rocky.... And yes I know its a vicious circle. I "know" all about it but I can't seem to change my behaviour.

I really want this to be just a blip. I was doing so well (ok only been at this a week but 🤷‍♀️). I would love some positive words of support and if anyone suffers like me, can you offer any advice?

Thanks so much.

KM x

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So painfully familiar.... I’m very much like that, really feel you.

I feel searching for what else could potentially help, even a little bit, is important. A hot bath? Your favourite song? Going for a walk? Listening to an audio book? If it has to be food at the moment, can it be a bowl of berries instead of a pack of biscuits? Finding these little replacements can be helpful for the future. In any case, it’s just one day. It doesn’t have to turn into a bad week. It can be two good weeks with a bad day in between - it happens, it’s fine.

Hope you will find one little better choice today and tomorrow is better. Sending you hugs!

Weightloss302st 7lbs

Emotional eating is such a hard cycle to break. I mentioned in another post that my long time partner moved out (we have been sort of separated for a while but with lockdown we stayed together)on Saturday, and for the first time I didn’t resort to food as my comfort. It is absolutely doable, but so so tricky and it takes a lot of commitment. A few things I’ve tried:

-walking does wonders for my mental health. I put on some music, or a podcast (I love shagged, married, annoyed at the moment) and take myself out. I say I’ll try it for 30 mins but often go way longer!

- write down how you feel after eating the rubbish food. For me, I know if I eat junk I won’t feel better, or comforted. I’ll feel guilty, gross and disappointed. I try to look back and remember this feeling when I feel tempted - food is not the answer.

-speak to someone, a professional or afriend, family member or even a pet. You can’t stuff your face if you’re talking😂

-and for me, the most important one is to think in the present. If I’m feeling down, it’s usually because something has happened in the past or I’m worrying about the future. Instead think of what you can do right now to help yourself e.g. get out of bed, get dressed, cook something healthy e.t.c these small steps in the now seem doable and all helps towards your bigger goal

Hope you feel better soon, don’t wait until tomorrow. Is there something you can do now to help?

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What a fabulous reply, although my mental health isn't a real issue for me, I have been guilty of self sabotage and recognise the signs. The podcast sounds intriguing 😉


Hi KarolinaM,

Sorry to hear that you are struggling. I suffer from depression and anxiety which is generally managed by medication (but makes me put on weight!) So I know how easy it is to reach for the comfort of a junk food hit.

Can you try making a list of non food related actions which make you feel better? Maybe going for a walk, having a bath or phoning a friend? Could you commit to try at least one action from your list before reaching for the rubbish food?

Whatever works for you please be kind to yourself. It's ok to not be ok and to slip up sometimes. It makes us human.

I hope you feel better soon and get back on track x

KarolinaM2020 June

These are all great ideas and very helpful, thank you so much for your responses and thoughts. I especially like the fact that you can't stuff your face if you're talking 😂 (thanks @weightloss30).

I actually have bipolar disorder so I'm stuffed with meds (Gvikky - I also have the problem of meds making weight loss harder) and it's a roller-coaster, especially at the moment.

Gosh, Weightloss30 - how have you coped? I got divorced last year and have been thanking my lucky stars I wasn't still living with him in lockdown. That must have been incredibly hard.

Thanks for the hugs, N-o-r-d-i! Right back at ya!

KM x


Weightloss302st 7lbs
in reply to KarolinaM

It’s been hard, but surprisingly my weight loss has been a section of my life I know I have control over. I went for long walks to help get out the house, which was a big motivation. We were talking about moving out in March so I’m just glad it’s over now. Luckily the break up was civil but having to see him everyday was a painful reminder. Sorry about the divorce, that must have been hard to cope with too x

missybob1231st 7lbs

Totally agree with what's been said my psychiatric meds have caused a lot of weight gain sadly it is a common side effect I am just coming out the other side I try to keep busy and I've found I have more energy now I'm eating healthier I literally did nothing for years and relied on my husband now I've decided it's my turn to look after him the main thing is not to beat yourself up about things you're here and surviving and sometimes that's enough I hope you feel better soon I too am sending hugs x

LythamSuper Host 3st 7lbs

Hello, hope you're feeling much better now, would you like to join our weigh in? Here's the link, I hope to see you there! :-) x


Hi Karolina I'm so sorry to hear you're having a bad time. You've had some lovely replies and some good suggestions. In my opinion the most important is Be Kind To Yourself - by doing something nice for yourself, by not stressing over the things you can't do at the moment, by doing something fun with the children - even a sing-a-long might help. Can you imagine every day as a new page - we can rip up the page before and fill the new page with as many small victories as we can. Sending all good wishes and hopes that you feel better soon.

Dfatone2020 June

Good for you, KarolinaM, for being so candid and up front with me, but more importantly yourself, about how your mental health is affecting your eating habit!

Mind over mood. I find that while I am quite able to manage my impulses to eat, including when I am most hungry, a couple of my family members are not; they get "hangry", and go off into the deep end at the first hint of hunger.

I don't know you or your situation, but I find there's one particular smoothie recipe that has quite a positive effect on me. It's called a Chocolate Cherry Smoothie, and it combines leafy greens, fruit, and a tablespoon of Cocao Powder. PM me if you'd like me to send you the complete recipe.

Nina92020 June

Hi KarolinaM I have off days but try to start each day afresh when it comes to the food side of things ( I know that's easier said than done). I hope you start to feel better soon.

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