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Day 180: Cautiously Optimistic

Wordsworth21st 7lbs

Firstly let me say thank you to all those people who have supported me over the last few days, I promise I will respond to all your comments because they kept me going and kept me going. Although I took two days off and didn't have a great sleep last night, I am excited and cautiously optimistic about my drive returning and my energy also. This group is an amazing mixture of awesomely inspiring and encouraging and supportive people. I think I would have given up if it were not for the support. I cannot thank you enough. So tonight's post is about that and also about my cautious optimism through my reflections of what happened to burn me out.

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Stay strong and stay safe!

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journalgirlRestart April 2020

What a lovely post 😀 you needed that time and it has done you the world of good

Have a good week

Throw caution to the wind and feel openly optimistic! You needed a bit of self reflection time, well done for coming through it.

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