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Nanna42020x2020 June

Hi I’m new to this site , I’ve been trying for years to control my weight, but as soon as a crisis comes I go straight back to comfort eating. I’ve done slimming world and weight wathchers but I’m bigger now then ever!! Any help would be great

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I think we need to re focus you and me both. I’ve tried Slimming World successfully too and now put it all back on.

I think the way we eat is not “till we lose weight“ then revert back to old habits

I think if we are going to snack in a crisis choose healthy alternatives plain pop corn fruit berries and nuts rather than confectionery.

If we are going to reduce fat we change what we are eating and drinking. This becomes a permanent behaviour.

This made me laugh when our body changes fat back it leaves our body as water and CO2 ! Seems we spend a lot of time and effort For water and gas!!

Good luck Nanna !!

We can do it !

Nanna42020x2020 June
in reply to JeffDavies123

Hi your comment really made me smile expecially the last bit definitely full of gas !!!


Hi and welcome, Nanna42020x :)

I'm afraid that's fairly standard following SW and WW diets. Maybe it's time to try something different? Have a look at these:



All of the information you need about the forum can be found in Pinned Posts healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh... and I hope you'll be joining all the Events, Challenges and Clubs that we run, especially a weigh-in and the daily diary.

If you haven't already taken it, here's a tour of the forum healthunlocked.com/?tour=true

We've found active participation to be key to successful weight loss and, of course, it's a good way to get to know people, find inspiration and share support and encouragement.

Wishing you all the best :)

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