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exercise and weight loss?

Thehappyman2020 April

i often read on the forum that weight loss/gain is about our choices of food, drink and have much consume of it.

then i read that exercise whilst good for body doesn't play a big part in weight loss.

i was thinking about this while slowly swimming the breaststroke for two and a half hours.

in all honesty i would say maybe just under two hours of actual swimming and the rest of time in the pool was resting or just treading water, that is also like resting to me.

from what i read on the net, i have burned up or used up about 800 calories.

this to me means that i can deduct the 800 calories from the total of calories, say from what i consumed yesterday/today...

where am i going wrong in my thinking, or am i right in my thinking.

is anyone able to put me right on this or has anyone got any links that might make things a bit more clear for me. 🙂

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Here's one piece I've found on a quick search theguardian.com/lifeandstyl...

Here's another pritikin.com/diet-vs-exercise

If you google "how much does exercise affect weight loss?" you'll find others and you can decide how convinced you are.

The other point is I would be dubious about the accuracy of how many calories you've used on any activity.

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to BridgeGirl

I've just found another thefastingmethod.com/eat-le...

Thehappyman2020 April in reply to BridgeGirl

Thanks will look at that to 🙂

Thehappyman2020 April in reply to BridgeGirl

Thanks for that BridgeGirl, I have read through one of the link and I will read some more later when we settled in for the night.

So fatal I can say is that exercise is essential for your wellbeing and dose help with weight loss, by how much is really down to the individual on what and how much they put into it.

I will do a lot more reading on it.

I know what you mean about the accuracy of how many calories you use on any activity.

But what can we go on that is completely accurate.

Again thanks for your reply 🙂

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Thehappyman

You're welcome :) There are so many benefits to being active, physical and psychological, just don't rely on it for weight loss

Thehappyman2020 April in reply to BridgeGirl

am relying on entirely on the choices of food and drink that i have made.

the exercise has always been mostly to help with my breathing and ofcourse to keep the body working as it should be.

in my mind i don't think there's any doubt that exercising on a regular basis will help you weight.. even if you only burned 200 calories in two hours of swimming its got to benefit you more then if you didn't burn of those 200 calories..

am getting up more early in the morning so i can get in a good swim to prepare me for all the phone calls i have to make to the embassies.

its almost 9 pm now and i got the boys used to setting down to sleep about this of night so i say thanks for all your reply's and say good night for now....🙂

Thehappyman2020 April in reply to BridgeGirl

i think on the first link .. did burn off quite a few of my brain cells.

exercise most certainly does contribute to weight loss.

parts of this article point out what is so obviously common sense.

those who exercised cancelled out the calories they had burned by self-reward,by stimulated appetites undid their good work. and in many cases, they were less physically active in their daily life as well.

my idea to lose fat has been what i have been doing, for better and far more healthy results is to exercise and work out the right diet for you.

fully commit yourself and stay focused.

if like me you put in two hours of swimming and don't reward myself with a treat or eat more. then my two hours of swimming has not only helped with my hart, lungs, building muscle but it has helped with a little something with weight loss of fat.

staying committed is sometimes hard work physically and mentally.

my shoulder injury has come back to try and put a stop to my exercising. it did yesterday so today I've tired it up with a rolled up towel keeping a tight hold it with one hand and swim with the other hand..😁

80.4 kilos, 4th of may. 🤔

73.7 kilos, 30th of Jun. 🥳

KarolinaM2020 June

I think exercise has several benefits - it gives you endorphins and makes you feel good, it's good for your mental health and I find (for me) it actually motivates me to eat healthier. These all help with weight loss indirectly. I think it also improves your metabolism.

But I've found in the past if I assume I've earnt calories through exercise and then eat more, it ends up doing the opposite and I put weight on. That's the trap you should try not to fall into.

Thehappyman2020 April in reply to KarolinaM

i definitely think exercise goes a long way in helping with weight loss.

though as you say don't be mistaken that you can eat more because you burn off some calories, though i think burning off calories is better than not burning off any at all.

I've put in over two hours of swimming and eaten very sensible.

i know that some say exercise makes no difference at all.. but i think it does for me..🙂

Britipina232020 June

Hi there Thehappyman!

After exercising, according to my fitbit I have lost 2300calories on average a day. This is with the walking and running on alternate days. Now..with my husband, we do a low carb diet and 16:8 fasting. Then of course, there is the weigh in. I was like why am I not losing as much weight as I am expecting to lose? Then boom! I checked the low carb meals I had been preparing for the past few weeks. As much as it is low carb, the calorie content was just between 1800-1950 calories for both lunch and dinner!

My jaw dropped! I was like! Holy guacamole! For a female, correct me if I’m wrong but our calorie intake should be 2000 calories a day to live healthily. So I need to still cut down if I really wanna lose weight. I am now trying to ensure that our meals are low carb and low calorie too. So yeah...exercise helps but what you put in matters a lot! Good luck!

Thehappyman2020 April in reply to Britipina23

I've lost 6 kilos since the 4th of May, that's been because of cutting out all high carbohydrates food and drinks. and i know my calories count has also been reduced. i have no idea what is considered to be my right calories count for a day for me as a man.

we are all different in build and so are calories needs are not he same.

i was fat with a big belly so i was well over eating..

i just been watching a video one of the members put on and it said that you could be doing everything right but if you are stressed then that has an effect on your weight loss.

i hope that you found where your was going wrong and now you will start to lose weight and get to where you want to be..🙂

Britipina232020 June in reply to Thehappyman

I am not really what the recommended calori intake but yeah what you said makes sense. Well done on losing 6kilos!

Thehappyman2020 April in reply to Britipina23

am 6 hours ahead of you so sorry for the late thank you.

best wishes.

TheAwfulToadAmbassador in reply to Britipina23

If you're eating low-carb there's really no need to "improve" it by consciously restricting your calories (see Night-Watchman's experience with that, which is incredibly common).

Low-carb works by fixing the internal control systems that manage bodyfat mass. If you get it right, then at some point (usually within a few days) your appetite will naturally reduce as your body "discovers" that it has a load of excess bodyfat that it needs to burn through. That's the calorie deficit you're looking for.

If you force yourself to eat less before your body is ready, you will most likely find that:

a) You start feeling hungry and/or craving carbs;

b) Your metabolic rate will reduce and your body will attempt to hold onto bodyfat.

Do make sure that you are replacing "missing" carb-based calories with adequate fat-calories.

It's almost impossible to accurately estimate either how many calories you're eating, or how many you're burning. Fortunately, neither one is of any importance. Healthy bodies don't get fat. Fat bodies that are given healthy food will start to discard fat until they reach a more sensible weight. You're eating healthy food, so just stick with the standard protocol and it'll all come out in the wash :)

I personally believe that calories don't matter. I used to eat a fairly low amount of calories but was significantly overweight because of the kind of food I was eating - high carb. No matter the amount of exercise I did, I couldn't shift any weight. It wasn't until I dropped the carbs/processed foods and started eating natural foods & increased my fat intake that I saw my weight decrease. Even without exercise, I haven't put back on any weight this year. That me just eating the LCHF way.

Here's Dr Jason Fung with an article about calories and exercise and much more... thefastingmethod.com/myth-e...

"Here’s the bottom line. There is no measurable association between obesity and physical activity. I’m not saying exercise is not good for you. It just doesn’t work that well for weight loss."

Thehappyman2020 April in reply to Night-Watchman

thanks for your reply, i will have a look at the link you gave me, I've got quite a few to look at that I've been given.

i don't think anyone can be healthy without exercise and all the science in the world could not convince me that exercise doesn't help in someway with the fat loss.

even psychologicaly it will have an impact. but my personal experience

if i eat exactly the same food everyday and did no exercise i would stay the same weight.

but if i eat exactly the same food everyday and did exercise, walking for two hours everyday. what then?

i need to look through all the videos links to see where am going wrong with my thinking..

i really don't mind been wrong when the whole purpose of my post was to learn.

Bottom line..for the moment that is, exercise doesn't do much for weight loss, but it does do something.

works wonders for heath and mind.


If you eat good healthy food, it's almost impossible to be obese; if you're carrying excess fat, you'll lose a lot of it simply by eating right. However, your body weight (crudely speaking) is composed of four things: fat, muscle, internal organs, and bones. You can't change the mass of your organs or bones. A healthy amount of bodyfat for a man is 10kg, plus or minus, and again, if you're eating right, your body will decide on that all by itself. That means the only thing you really have conscious control over is your muscle mass, and muscles account for 30-40% of your body mass. So if you want to look fit and healthy, you need to exercise.

If you lose weight (fat) without putting on muscle, you'll look haggard. Putting muscles under your skin does wonders for your appearance - this is true for women as much as men.

As a bonus, carrying additional muscle mass makes it easier to maintain a low fat mass, because your muscles are a significant metabolic burden - that is, they need a lot of calories to keep them there, and your body will send excess energy to your muscles (where it gets stored as glycogen) in preference to fat cells.

And of course there are the cardiovascular benefits (which translate to longer and happier life) that almost any kind of exercise can deliver, even just going for a daily stroll.

TL;DR: eating right will achieve the fat loss that you want. Eating right and exercising will achieve the appearance that you want.

Thehappyman2020 April in reply to TheAwfulToad

that's just it, my choice of some food and some drinks have added up to my been obese.

6 years ago i was 69 something kilos.

May the 4th weight in hospital was 80.4 kilos..today when i come back from shopping i got on scales 73.9 kilos.. that's now a loss of fat of over 6 kilos in just under two months.

your reply is interesting to me, i was as a boy very active in many sports. most of my working life involved heavy work that i enjoyed doing..was 84 kilos of bone and muscle in my 40s. i could eat anything and plenty of it. so you have wonder how i got to be 69 kilos in my 60s and then back up to over 80 kilos, but this time with mostly heavy bones and fat.

i had a tooth out last week and doctor said that my bone density was very good, but i already knew that.

what didn't know that's in your post was the the reason why i never got fat when i was eating so much of everything in my 40s.

no exercise for me for a while, shoulder gone in the night, I've been needing an operation to join the servered tendon for the last 20 years.

will sill still lose weight no doubt about that.

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