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No carbs and full fat foods

MagienoireRestart June 2020

Just been watching a video on metabolism suggested by admin very interesting . The idea of eating full fat and non starchy veggies does make sense on one level . I can understand not eating white bread and other processed starches such as white rice . But it is difficult to understand brown bread brown rice pasta and beans and lentils . Even on NHS website encourages these food stuffs . I am so desperate to lose weight that I would like to give it a try but it feels like a leap in the dark eating foods that on most diets are prohibited ie always go for low fat versions eat whole meal bread and pasta . I guess it is protein and vegetables . Reading peoples posts it does seem to work . Cutting out sugar and starch makes sense . Going to start today and see how it goes .

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Wholemeal starchy foods don't contain significantly less carbs - but they do contain more fibre and some of the starch is slower-release, creating a lower insulin spike. So if you're wedded to pasta, bread and rice, have wholemeal. If you can live without for some or all meals, go as low carb as you feel comfortable and your body will be somewhat more efficient at burning fat as a result.

Lighter125Restart Nov 2019

My two pence is so things that work for you. Carbs are not the enemy I think it’s all a balance - ultimately we all want to not just loose the weight but keep it off! :) I think looking at maintaining a set calorie intake each day and eating healthily plus exercise it does work. I love fresh fruits and juices but even there know these have lots of sugar in so try to balance this. Carbs also aren’t homogenous - you could eat a pizza full of carbs or a lentil soup totally different. I try 30/30/40 % fat/protein/carbs split. Also I think eating more in breakfast, less lunch, smallest portion dinner always works plus eating and adjusting to what you are actually doing each day- if so a big bike ride or run you are gonna eat more maybe than if indoors working/ watching TV for e.g. another trick is watching if T’s hunger or thirst. I tend to sometimes think I’m hungry but actually I’m v thirsty - I have a glass or two of water and hunger goes. Also if I’m really hungry I have an apple and that tends to quash hunger. I limit it to 2 apples a day tho. Also making up foods the day before helps when just feel peckish and open the fridge ha! I am eating loads of salads with lemon, pepper, tiny bit of extra virgin oil dressing, ryvitas with homemade hummus, celery and hummus or cottage cheese snacks, alpro yoghurts and berries plus juices - carrot ginger lemon apple / apple kiwi mint cucumber/ banana berry almond milk etc etc and then once a week have a slice or two pizza with a couple of glasses of Prosecco :)

Slim_for_goodMaintainer in reply to Lighter125

Lots of people including the NHS official line agree with you, everything in moderation ‘sounds’ very sensible. This approach does not however help our bodies get their insulin levels and other metabolic hormones that control appetite back into balance - which has been distorted for many of us by eating too many carbohydrates over many years.

MagienoireRestart June 2020 in reply to Lighter125

Sounds good . Preparation seems to be a key . Like the idea of your fizz .

Subtle_badger20kg in reply to Lighter125

And how is that working for you? I am treating carbs like the enemy, and have lost 15kg in 6 months.

You describe that as balanced, but it really isn't. It's high in both sugar and starchy carbs, and appears to be extremely low in fat. It only feels "balanced" because we have been told to eat low fat for 40 years, so we feel "instinctively" that low fat is balanced. Go back in time and ask you nanna in 1970 what a balanced diet looks like, and she will be having a lot less sugar and a lot more fat than that. Starchy carbs may have featured; I know they did in my family. I doubt my nanna ever ate lentils (Irish descent)

PS. Though I also drink prosecco 🍾 🥂

Lighter125Restart Nov 2019 in reply to Subtle_badger

Totally agree with you re fats - it is good for you. I think it really was the whole pushing sugar from 50s to one that has spun fat as bad. We need fat for one to make the protective layer or myelin around cells, which is really important when think of endocrine & nervous system especially. I can only say what works for me - for me to really keep weight off I need to eat what I do like else it’s not gonna work. I’m cutting out all the usual stuff junk, sugar, bread, pasta, fizzy drinks, cakes and sweets, shop made/ ready made foods - and sticking with foods that are fresh and I make myself aside from that once a week pizza slice! It’s working for me so far am shedding inches and moved down a dress size but still got a month or so til get back to my “usual” size (8-10) again!


Unless you intend eating a canivore diet, F1, you will be eating some carbs, but instead of getting those carbs from bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and sugar, you'll be getting them mainly from vegetables.

It's only necessary to stick to keto for the first couple of weeks, to get your body used to fuelling itself off fat, rather than glucose. After that, you can ease the restrictions to allow more starchy veg (not loads of potatoes) and a little more fruit. We each of us have different tolerances to carbs, so you'll be guided by whether you continue to lose weight or not.

I made the shift and lost over 7 stone. I'm still eating that way and wouldn't consider going back to eating stodgy food.

Good luck! :)

MagienoireRestart June 2020 in reply to moreless

I am determined to stick to this also have encouraged my husband to join . Which is a miracle . Reading others posts is good . We all seem to have the same struggles . Due to meds I know it is going to be hard but I must not give in this time . It is good to read people’s successes.

morelessAdministrator in reply to Magienoire

My hubby follows it in the main, although he does have a few added extras that I don't have :)

Missdoubleyou2020 June in reply to moreless

I think that’s the beauty of this way of eating. My husband has what I have with a few potatoes on the side but is still feeling better for it - and it’s dead easy to prepare.

morelessAdministrator in reply to Missdoubleyou

Absolutely! No 'diet' food.

LythamSuper Host 3st 7lbs in reply to Missdoubleyou

I've been missing my OHs potatoes off and I don't think he's even noticed yet! Lol :-) x

MagienoireRestart June 2020 in reply to Missdoubleyou

My husband having the same lol

I identify totally with how you feel. I have been here for a week and starting to get my head around it all. There does seem to be a lot of evidence that it works. My only remaining, not doubt exactly, but I guess bit of 'conditioning' that I need to overcome is having butter and cream. That has been soooo forbidden, for so long, it's almost feels as crazy as if someone told you to go on a sugar diet!! Hard to get over the traditional messages.

This week I have cut out the biccys, chocolate bars and cake and also massively reduced my carbs. Not quite there with the fat intake yet, but I am gearing up for it!

siggie7lbs in reply to LondonSue

Couldn't agree more!! After following SW for years and being 'allowed' unlimited pasta, rice and other 'free' food and all things full fat are the work of the devil, its taking some time to get my head around!! The cooking in butter and oil is just an alien concept at the minute,I could stretch to using olive oil!!!

LythamSuper Host 3st 7lbs in reply to siggie

That's why I put weight ON at Slimming world! :-) x

siggie7lbs in reply to Lytham

That's also why after nearly 4 years and not losing a stone, I had an epiphany and realised that it wasn't my weight loss they were interested in 🤔

LythamSuper Host 3st 7lbs in reply to siggie

It really shouldn't be allowed should it? It makes me so mad, wish I'd discovered lchf all those years ago! :-) x

lucigretAdministrator in reply to siggie

I never lost weigh on SW or WW. They just got a lot of money out of me!!!

Cooking with cream and butter makes your food very tasty, is filling and helps to stop you wanting snacks :)

LondonSue5lbs in reply to lucigret

I know, I adore butter! As you say it makes things delicious! To be honest, even when I was doing more 'traditional' dieting last time around, I still used sunflower oil to cook things and I allowed myself to have grated cheese on my dinner. Looking back, I did lot's of things then that fit quite well with the low carb diet.

lucigretAdministrator in reply to LondonSue

I would suggest that you use Olive oil instead of Sunflower. Apologise if you have already seen this, but I thought you might find it interesting :)

MagienoireRestart June 2020 in reply to Lytham

Me too I ate so much pasta and rice on the green plan and felt so despondent . I don’t cope with carbs my metabolism seems to go hay wire . When I told the consultant this she did not agree but I guess we are all different .

LythamSuper Host 3st 7lbs in reply to Magienoire

Well I really don't think my body likes them either, when I was eating low fat, I lost weight but got so hungry and felt so deprived, I just kept chucking the towel in !

Now when the OH goes to Greggs, as long as I can find a butchers selling scotch eggs im more than happy and dont feel like I'm missing out at all! :-) x

Missdoubleyou2020 June in reply to Lytham

SW didn’t work for me either. It’s like the more carbs I eat, the more I want!

LythamSuper Host 3st 7lbs in reply to Missdoubleyou

Well they say they cause sugar crashes leaving you craving? I don't get cravings anymore and I was addicted to crisps, but give me a block of stilton and you can keep your crisps now! :-) lol x

MagienoireRestart June 2020 in reply to siggie

I think that’s the problem food of the devil takes a lot to change that conditioning but having ago

help20205kg in reply to LondonSue

Hi LondonSue how has your first week gone? I can relate to your comments. I’ve let go of the old conditioned self (mainly!) and have embraced the butter and cream way of thinking! I think that’s what’s got me through this week as it’s felt such a luxurious treat!! Mushrooms cooked in garlic butter and double cream!! I’ve spent years avoiding both! Soo tasty! ☺️ x

LondonSue5lbs in reply to help2020

I haven't struggled, and I have had some carbs, but much, much less than usual. I have had things like avocado and mozzarella salad, greek yoghurt etc.

I have had the yearning for munchies a little bit, yesterday and today. I did pinch a generous handful of sweet n' salty popcorn today, bought for my daughter. I miss having crunchy things, like cornflakes, or biscuits and I do still hanker after a scone with jam, but hey ho. I am sure I will find alternative treats.

I do really want to lose weight more than anything!

lucigretAdministrator in reply to LondonSue

I miss crunch too, so I sometimes have greek yoghurt with berries and a sprinkle of chopped nuts and seeds. Home made keto crackers to have with cheese are lovely and also give a bit of crunch. If you are still feeling like snacking, you probably need to add some more fat, or is it a case that you just still fancy those munchies? I did find that upping the fats made me crave sweet things less. I can't say the sweet tooth has totally disappeared, but berries and cream can satisfy the urge :)

LondonSue5lbs in reply to lucigret

Yes, I am not 'topping up' with the fat yet. I am missing the bulk that comes from carbs so I guess I must need the extra fat. But I suppose when you start any weight loss 'diet' you are eating less, so maybe my stomach will shrink a bit and get used to it! At the moment I feel the food I'm eating is just about filling me up, but I get hungry again quickly.

monday1957Maintainer in reply to LondonSue

Hi LondonSue.

When I get the craving for something crunchy, I make keto biscuits:

Mix 2 cups of almond flour (or ground almonds) with one egg and give it a good stir. Roll it out - it'll be quite crumbly so sometimes I squidge it between some greaseproof paper. Cut circles with pastry cutters and bake for about 12-15 mins in a moderate oven (200c). They're great with cheese or I know tubby54 has a scrape of jam on hers ☺️

MagienoireRestart June 2020 in reply to LondonSue

Yes it’s strange the feelings about butter cream and for me cheese . It feels like forbidden food that we should not be eating . I am having cheese tonight and think OMG this is so wrong . Good luck

DebbieFleming5lbs in reply to LondonSue

I can totally understand where you are coming from. I did really well several years ago and lost seven and a half stone on a low fat diet, albeit it took two and half years to lose it. Usual story, I kept it off for a few years then life got in the way and I put it all back on plus more.

When lockdown began I started diligently doing a couple of hours low impact exercise four consecutive days per week. I also did out door circuit training on another day and went for a long walk on Sunday.

I kept my eye on my calculated for weight loss calorie intake and should have been losing weight. I used the NHS BMI calculation tool which advised me to lose weight.

I didn't lose much weight.

So to cut a long story short, I reduced the carbohydrate from my diet. I also understand that fat intake is needed or it just won't work. Metabolic reasons.

It's a real journey into the unknown eating salmon and avocado for breakfast. It seems odd not having potatoes or bread at mealtimes. However, it appears to be working.

All the foods on a low fat diet that should be eaten in moderation i.e. nuts, cream, butter, full fat cheese are now permitted.

Cholesterol is bad for the heart and arteries so I'm being careful with butter and cream. I actually don't really like a great deal of it, anyway. It makes my mouth feel greasy when I eat it. (Albeit I will make a flourless chocolate cake later and serve it warm from the oven for pudding tonight with a little bit of single cream as that doesn't make my mouth feel greasy when I eat it.)

I don't like olives or olive oil. I purchased some olives to garnish a salad nicoise that I made. So I don't mind a few of them as a garnish. I've purchased some olive oil spray as that does not taste strongly of olive oil. I'm following the hairy bikers' hairy dieters recipe book which is why I got some olive oil spray. I like making their pesto recipe.

I'm not criticising low fat diets. I did really well on it for a long time. However, I've gone liberal low carb i.e. 100g of carbohydrate per day maximum. So, far I'm doing alright.

LondonSue5lbs in reply to DebbieFleming

Good to hear it's working!

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to DebbieFleming

I find the regular olive oil, the paler one, isn't as "olivey" as the extra virgin.

As for the amount of fat, it really is to taste; you don't have to go overboard with it, you just don't have to avoid it.

On the topic of cholesterol, you may find this interesting

And this

Hi Fatso1 I’ve just posted on this in How’ve I done it because like you I was a bit sceptical. However I’ve just lost 3.7kg in the first week. You must fill up on fats and overcome the temptation to not eat it “as it’s bad”! You will struggle with just protein and veggies as your body will crave and need energy which the fats will give you. You can eat good fats- avo (but count the carbs) olive oil, oily fish. Have you joined the LCHF community? I found it so helpful during my first few days (and hours) of overcoming my doubts and fears. Good luck!

MagienoireRestart June 2020 in reply to help2020

Thanks for that I am glad it is working for you . Fingers crossed this is day 2 for me .

LondonSue5lbs in reply to Magienoire

Good luck! I am just into week two. I would like to know if it has to be animal fats that you top up with, admittedly they are really delicious so I see they help in that way, but presumably you can still just use sunflower oil or olive oil most of the time.

morelessAdministrator in reply to LondonSue

Not sunflower oil, LondonSue, that is not a natural fat, it's highly processed. Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, nuts and avocado are your best non-animal fats.

LondonSue5lbs in reply to moreless

Thanks for that. I thought it was ok as it is a seed oil. I'll keep it off of the shopping list!

morelessAdministrator in reply to LondonSue

Have a look at this

Hidden2020 June

Low fat = more added SUGAR to compensate for the fat being taken out .

Hidden sugars were a bit of an eye opener for me.

Whole meal anything is in its natural state , nothing added or taken away .

They have more fibre and will therefore keep us feeling fuller for longer .

Beans & pulses , are loaded with slow release carbs , so they keep your blood sugars stable . they are naturally low in fat & high in fibre .

We need a balance of all the complex carbohydrates.

& all the food groups .

No healthy diet will prohibit any of the above .

I think maybe you just need to learn how to cook with them .

Trial & error !

Slim_for_goodMaintainer in reply to Hidden

Slow release carbs prevent blood sugar rising rapidly, which is good. They do still cause significant production of insulin though, and large amounts of insulin produced overtime prevents our appetite hormones working properly, so we overeat. It is the great fallacy of our times that healthy diets must include whole grain carbohydrates. People on a low carb diet will normally get some carbs but from vegetables such as cauliflower and tomatoes.

MagienoireRestart June 2020 in reply to Slim_for_good

I was watching the video and it says like you our systems are messed up . Let’s hope this new way of eating helps

Slim_for_goodMaintainer in reply to Magienoire

Dr Dan Maggs on explains more.

Well if it helps I’ve been on hundreds of diets in my life. This one the LCHF is the first eating plan not only works for me but I love the food🌸

Hi Fatso1 it’s working for me🌸

MagienoireRestart June 2020

I had a cheese and onion omelette for lunch with salad and mao , I cannot believe that i am eating this food , but it seems to work for people so hard getting your head around it

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