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Full of Greens Fritters

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Here's a pic of tonight's tea: Full of Greens Fritters from the Anna Jones cookbook, A Modern Way to Eat.

I halved her recipe and there's easily enough for two people here:

Finely slice half a cabbage (or a large leek). Grate a courgette. Snip some fresh basil. Add a chopped garlic clove & zest of half a lemon. Crumble a heaped tbsp feta and 1 tbsp grated Parmesan. Mix in two large eggs, season and give it a good stir. Heat a large frying pan with olive oil. Spoon little dollops of the mixture into the pan and fry for about 3 mins each side, pushing them into a fritter shape with your spatula.

We ate ours tonight with a 'red' salad, with HM ranch dressing. πŸ₯—

10 Replies
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Diane21st 7lbs

Looks very fresh and tasty. Never tried Ranch dressing, what's the sugar content like? My favourite is mixing oil and balsamic vinegar or oil and lemon plus herbs. I have salad leaves and French dressing pretty much every evening, loveloveloveit!

monday1957Maintainer in reply to Diane2

Hiya - afraid I don't know sugar content, but it's juice & zest of half a lemon; tbsp natural yogurt; 2 tbsp mayonnaise; 1/2 clove crushed garlic; pinch garlic powder; s&p.

Your dressing sounds good, too!


I think that'd be just a starter or side for me, but that does look good!

Sheperdess3st 7lbs

Thanks for the recipe. It looks great πŸ‘ Another one to try 😊

Looks yummy thanks for sharing

Love the side salad, what is that beetroot, radish, olives? Would make a nice change to my greenery!

monday1957Maintainer in reply to pennychewchew

Hiya. Yep, it's tomatoes, radishes, red pepper, beetroot & mixed olives πŸ₯—

That look lovely. I must try that.

Beautiful - but I got distracted by trying to read the wording around the plate! πŸ™ƒ

monday1957Maintainer in reply to bikegrrrl

Hiya bikegrrrl - we’ve got a set of coasters & placemats from a company called Richard Bramble. All his designs feature creatures or nature in some other form and have a bit of info about it running round the circumference. We’ve got a Tamworth pig, hare, stag, cow etc

They do dishes, mugs, tea towels too (I sound like a rep for them, don’t I?!! 🀣)

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