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Day 141: The Scale of Self-Doubt.


Tomorrow is weigh in day and, regardless of how well I think I have done, there is always part of me that is scared of what I will see once I get on the scales. I always have that nagging feeling of self-doubt about whether I really have done well and that the scales will reveal a truth I've been hiding from. This emotional baggage is something I have to work on, I think. This is what I reflect on today.

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Sewnknit3st 7lbs


Every week.

I also have problems with seeing myself as I am now. I catch sight of myself in a window or mirror and think 'O', yes that's me and not too bad with my clothes on.

I want to knit a jumper but stress about having enough yarn to go round me. Yes, I have.

But everyweek, what is in my head has a battle with what I expect to see on the scale.

Have I been 'good enough', have my meds messed me up.

What is this wodge round my middle?

I think this is the final frontier!

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Hi sewknit. I am trying to deal with it and resist the temptation to continually doubt myself but I've found nothing yet. May do a bit of research but all I can think of that it'll tell me is just try and be positive or recite mantras. Good luck on your journey and thanks for your support.

Sheperdess2 stone

I was thinking something similar today. How I look forward to the weigh-in because it’s a step towards my goal and I expect to see a loss resulting from all my efforts but on the other hand I’m always nervous that it won’t show on the scales. I know intellectually that it is no indicator that I haven’t lost fat but it still feels disappointing somehow. I agree that when I see the number I can get on with working out what to do next. Aren’t human beings odd? PS I spent a couple of hours cleaning my office today and worked off 150 cals. Your cleaning achievements inspired me to do it 😊

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Hi Sheperdess. So glad you lost 150 calories cleaning, and ill bet you also felt good that that office now looks great! And yes, we humans are an odd bunch and quite backwards in a lot of ways. But if I find a way to beat it I will. Or accept it if I can't. Thanks again for your continued support.

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