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New start

Lb2122020 May

So today I decided that I need to be healthier and lose weight. Weight is something I have never monitored and have found that I dont recognise myself.

Today looked in the mirror and realised my weight is not healthy. Shocked and ashamed to say im 192 Ibs in weight which doesn't sit well on a 5ft 2 person.

I am going to start the 12 weeks weight loss on Monday. Little nervous and worried I won't stick to it.

Any tips out there for someone just starting?

Any tips to maintain motivation?

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Hello and a very warm welcome to the Weight Loss Forum Lb212

My advice is don’t wait until Monday! Obviously you may already have meals planned, or other factors that may hinder you, but being mindful of portions, cutting out snacks and unecessary sugar are surely possible? “There’s never been a better day to start the rest of your life” 😊

If you haven’t already then please read the Welcome Message (in your inbox) and follow the link to Pinned Posts. In case you missed it here’s the link again here Please read it carefully so you can find all the information you need to find your way around the forum.

As a peer to peer support group we rely totally upon mutual encouragement. Nothing beats joining in, reading posts and replying to others. Our Group Weigh-in and the Daily Diary are probably the best places to start

Best wishes in your weight loss journey

Indigo 😊

Hidden2020 May

Hi 👋🏼

Also 5ft 2 and at 182lbs also overweight here (a little shocked to discover I’m in the obese category!!). I started my 12 week weight loss challenge today after deciding enough is enough-I have been slowly gaining weight for years and the lockdown has led me to tip the scales over the next stone. It has also been a stressful time with trying to educate my four children at home and I’ve decided it really is time to put myself first and get my health & body in better shape. I want to be healthier and feel better about myself-oh and wear clothes that don’t feel tight or cut in like they do at the moment!

Today I used an app to help track what was I was eating and that was really helpful & meant I kept within my recommenced calorie intake. I’ve also decided I am going to do the couch to 5k challenge and will be going out to ‘run’ for the first time in a very long time tomorrow to get that started.

I agree don’t wait until Monday to start although it’s a good idea to clear out the fridge & cupboards of any tempting junk and stock up on plenty of healthy foods you like if you can. I’ve left the unhealthy options for my children to enjoy for now but won’t be stocking back up on it for them! Getting yourself mentally ready is understandable though-something in me just ‘snapped’ last night!! Try not to feel

ashamed about where you are now but instead feel positive that you have made the decision to change that and you do have the power to lose weight. That’s what I’m telling myself.

I’ve only ever lost small amounts of weight before (8lbs has been my best) but then end up putting it back on and usually more. This time I really feel more determined than ever and hope that my resolve doesn’t weaken as the weeks go on! I have written down how I honestly feel about myself now and how I would like to feel in the future and I’m going to use that to look at for motivation & as a reminder why I need to stay on track.

You are not alone! We can do this 12 week challenge 💪🏼

in reply to Hidden

Hello and welcome to the forum Elle,

What a lovely response to Lb212 :) You could become weight loss buddies.

If you are calorie counting please make sure that you use the NHS BMI calculator to calculate your own personal range of calories. The 1400 figure is a generic number and not suitable for everybody. Start at the top end of the range. You will probably find the amount of calories you are allowed is different to the app you are using. The apps tend to encourage people to eat too little and this won't work. Also remember 'diet's' don't work, you need to find a healthy living plan that will be sustainable for life. Once we stop a 'diet' and start eating 'normally' we regain weight and often people end up weighing more than they originally did, and then the yo-yoing starts.

If you haven't already, please take the time to read the Welcome Newbie post, this will help you to navigate the forum, which is best done using the full website and not the app.

Please also take a look at all of the Challenges, Clubs and Events that we have, to help to keep you motivated and engaged with the forum.

The above link will take you to all the information you need. Participation is key to success and I would recommend that you at least join the Daily Diary and a Weigh In day of your choice.

As a peer to peer support group, we all benefit from encouragement and support from one another, so look forward to seeing you join in around the forum :)

Wishing you the best of luck on your weight loss journey :)

Hidden2020 May
in reply to lucigret

Thanks, yes the app calorie allowance was too low and I did indeed adjust it to the top end of my range as recommended by the NHS. For me it’s less about calorie counting and more tracking exactly what I am eating and keeping myself aware so I can make better choices. I don’t think of myself as starting a ‘diet’ but the 12 week weight loss plan is a challenge to start changing the way I think and eat so it can be sustainable. I have already built in drinking plenty of water into my day in recent months and have cut back on my alcohol intake so addressing my food intake is the next step for me.

I look forward to the peer support!

Lb2122020 May
in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your reply. Its so nice to hear someone who is on the same page as me.

I have already done a 15 minute work out at home this morning and going to go for a 15 minute brisk walk at lunch time too. I have woken up with a determination like never before. I have a job which sometimes means I can be active but other days not so much. So want to increase my activity. Just purchased a fitness tracker style watch so I can count my steps. I feel this will in a way make ne competitive as I will try and beat the ammount of steps the day before.

With regards to the eating side. My issue is portion size. I pile my plate to what I always thought was the normal size. But when looking at the NHS 12 week stuff realised I was over eating. Ooopsy!! So going to start smaller portions today to get into the habit. I do have a family BBQ Monday so going to try and not over eat too much.

I also read that eating in front of the TV makes you eat quicker. So going to move back to the dinning table. Hopefully the portions I now eat and eating slower at the table will fill me up just as much as I have been.

I love that idea of journaling the thoughts about myself now and the way I want to feel in the future. I am definitley going to do that.

I am excited for the journey but know its not the going to be easy. So thank you for the kind message it has really spurred me on.

We can do this 💪🏼

Hidden2020 May
in reply to Lb212

Hi Lb212,

Well done for getting that home work out done this morning-it sounds like you are already on your way to being more active 👏🏼 I like your fitness tracker idea too-sounds like it will help keep you moving and getting those steps in. I need to dust off mine and get it recharged!

That determined feeling is so good isn’t it-I’m going to try hard to keep that mentality though I agree this journey will not be easy at times 😬

Likewise I’ve not been good with portion sizes and I can definitely up the number of fruit & vegetables on my plate! I have ordered some of those plates that show the portions on as a visual reminder to keep those portions in check and add plenty of veg etc. I don’t have a particularly sweet tooth and do mostly prepare healthy meals from scratch-I am bad at undoing my hard work by snacking in the evening especially after some wine (the crisps start calling me!) so I have cut right back on alcohol and have decided not to eat after 8pm to help prevent this. I find bbq’s aren’t always bad, if I can, I mostly stick to lean meats and load up on salad-we had one yesterday and I did consciously eat more slowly to savour the food and it definitely helped.

Going to do my run later as teenage daughter wants to do the C25K too so will go when she has finished her school work! Glad it’s not so hot today!

We have so got this 💪🏼

Lb2122020 May
in reply to Hidden

Thanks. I felt so happy with myself for getting up and doing it. Managed my 15 minute brisk walk at lunch too.

Those plates sound brilliant. Where did you get them from?

I dont think im quite ready for the couch25k yet. But want to build my stamina up to it. Hope your first session goes well.

Hidden2020 May
in reply to Lb212

Yay to feeling happy 😊

I’ve just been for my first run minus my daughter who changed her mind! I used the podcast which was a great help-if you do ever want to give the C25K a try I’d recommend it. I know running isn’t everyone’s ‘cup of tea’-it’s not my favourite thing and it will be a while before I really enjoy it but I’m so pleased I’ve done the first one.

I ordered my plate from Next and it’s due to be ordered next Thursday but if you google ‘portion control plate’ you’ll get a few options.

Have a great weekend and enjoy your relaxing Sunday x

hellobeaut6st 7lbs
in reply to Lb212

Hi Lb212,

Welcome to the forum!

I found that the blissful monotony of habit has helped me stick to a minimum exercise regime; as I did before lockdown, no matter the weather, I walk every morning before starting work for between 45minutes and one hour. When I go to the office, I get an earlier train and get off sooner, so to be able to walk to work, when WFH, I wake up, have a coffee and off I go - no matter the weather. Yes, this habit has kept me going and that one hour I have to myself, to clear my head, changes my day! I know I miss it when I don't do it!

I also exercise in the evening, but that is not every day - about 4/5 times now, while pre lockdown 3/4 times (I exercise longer at the gym).

What I mean is that I had to push myself into the habit - I didn't get to over 250lbs when I started because I was used to walking/moving/exercising... so perhaps give it a try? Find one thing you think you can stick to and do it - no matter what - until you feel like you need it!

Also now in lockdown I had bad days (I gained 11 lbs since last August), but that habit has stayed with me and it makes me feel good.

If you have 20 minutes every morning at ie. 7 o'clock or at 5pm (whenever) - use them for yourself! You deserve that time to think about your wellbeing!

Also - I tested this the hard way... try adding one good ritual at the time, so to focus on it and not get overwhelmed!

Have a marvellous first week and hope to see you around!

PS. If you feel like joining a weigh in day... the Tuesday Trimmers would happily have you!

Lb2122020 May
in reply to hellobeaut

Thank you for sharing.

Yes I am focusing on walking and portion size at the moment. If inkeeo this up will become a habit. Then might increase my exercise as and when I feel able to. So far managed a 15 minute brisk walk and a 15 minute home work out. Which i am so pleased with on day one.

Food is my favourite thing... I am such a foody its unreal. But I am telling myself that its not a case of eating next to nothing or not eatong anything nice. But picking healthier options. Already got a shopping list of things I am going to buy to make breakfast and lunch more exciting.

I agree self-care is important. So I am going to dedicate my rest day Sunday with a phone, social media and tv (if o can) free day. Going to have a pamper in the afternoon and sit out and read a good book in the morning. One thing I have found is if I read I dont eat snacks compared to watching a movie. So Ill be reading lots im sure!!

I would love to join Tuesday Trimmers. 😊 I am loving how supportive everyone is so glad I wrote my post.

hellobeaut6st 7lbs
in reply to Lb212


Enjoy your Sunday! That surely sounds like something to look forward to!

There are plenty of nice recipes on the internet that are delicious, yet healthy... without having the dreaded “weight loss, skinny, low this and that” label added to it... I found I’m having more fun cooking and I’m having much more variety than before!

Looking forward to catching up in the next days and weeks!

Take good care

in reply to Lb212

I’ve moved to the dining table to eat too!! No TV while I’m eating for almost a week now - it still feels a bit “forced” but good habits take at least 12 weeks to get used too so I will persevere!

All the best with your plan 😊 there’s lots of good advice and support to be had here!!

Bluelady-singHealthy BMI

try MyFitnessPal and make small changes and cut out any sweets crisps snacks instead of replacing of the healthy things like fresh fruit and cream as a treat

Is better to have a planned treat than just get caught out.

My tips:

* Don't have junk food in the house to snack on.

* Try to find healthy food (that you enjoy!) to snack on instead.

* I learned that eating more fats and less carbs (not necessarily going full lo carb) helps me avoid urgently stuffing my face in the evening because I am hungry.

* Track your weight every day in an app that shows a trend line. I use Slimming With Strangers because I find the red green dots to be motivating but there are plenty of others.

Lb2122020 May
in reply to RaggedClown

Thanks for this!!

FirconesHealthy BMI

Your story really hit a cord with me. I wish you every success. Sorry this is so long but I hope it helps.

Three years ago I decided to weigh myself - my BMI shocked me and I was obese. I am 5ft 1, I never weighed myself but two things happened, I had one of those horrible family shocks which made me reassess life and knew I was squandering my fortunate good health. Good health has been, and remains my main motivation. Tom Kerridge inspired me.

In terms of motivation, try and be very clear about why you want to lose weight. Set a goal. I set mine as registering in the healthy weight range of the NHS weight checker (NHS weight checker is brilliant). Maybe be careful about setting a time limit, no matter how well you do, you may feel you failed if you do not reach your initial target in time. It also suggests an end point and to maintain weight loss is also a lifestyle adjustment.

The way I recorded/record my weight loss helped me keep going. I recorded my start weight and every week recorded the weight I had lost from my start weight. I didn't care how much weight I lost as long as it went down (sometimes it didn't). Over the weeks you see exactly how much weight you have lost as a total. I found that more motivating than just seeing a weekly loss. It took two years but I lost 28kg and have maintained that for the last year. I still weigh and record every week. I use a nice notebook - the sort with tricky to remove pages!

Be clear about when you are going to eat, watch portion sizes/energy values, eat mindfully. Ensure you enjoy everything you eat. Sometimes in the evening I wanted to eat something I didn't need and would regret. A hot drink, keeping busy or going to bed early helped- sometimes that was 9 pm! I tried to only have one snack a day outside meals- mine was usually a smallish piece of homemade cake with my children after school.

Do not beat yourself up if you have a hungry day! I certainly had hungry days. I viewed it as my body saying it needed a bit more than previous day but I tried not to eat rubbish or over eat. The hardest part is the start of weight loss. I don't know how things work for others but my body adjusted to my reduced energy intake after a while and it was much easier as time went on. I am 5ft 1 - my daily required energy intake is still low as I am not an average height.

I am not an exercise bunny. I opted for fast walking to improve my fitness. I love it now, it was hard at the start - I live at the top of a steep hill.

The exciting bit. At this point you may have no idea what you will look like at the end! I hadn't thought about it, my new frame still surprises me.

And... the best advice I had was from my husband. Weight loss affects your wardrobe. My husband asked why I was keeping clothes that no longer fitted me and suggested I get rid of them. I was shocked, even though I didn't have loads of clothes, it seemed such a waste, but he was right, I didn't want them to fit me again after all the hard work. It set a new intention, to not put weight back on. I sold and bought clothes using Ebay etc. Knowing new clothes won't fit if I gain weight is also a motivator.

I wish you every success! It is your journey but so many people on this site will help you along the way.

Lb2122020 May
in reply to Fircones

Thank you so much for your reply and sharing.

Congratulations on your amazing progress. Its so nice to hear it works and able to maintain it. It really does reassure me.

I love those tips and I have ordered some sales so I can monitor my progress.

I have also opted for walking as fitness. I find it so difficult so walking will be something I can maintain.

Thanks again for your tips.

Hidden2020 May
in reply to Fircones

I love your idea with the noting weight loss each week and overall-it definitely sounds more motivating ☺️ My first goal is to aim for a loss for this first week-hoping for 2lbs but I will be happy with any loss and I know slow and steady is best so if it’s only 1lb I won’t be disappointed. I’m already making healthier choices and trying to make these my new normal is going to take a bit of time I think.

Next steps will be getting to half a stone, 10lbs, a stone etc and I cant wait to feel my clothes getting looser! I can’t find my tape measure (will get a new one if once I’ve had a proper look I still can’t find it!) but I carry my weight mostly around my middle and I know this carries a greater diabetes type 2 risk so I really want to improve this. Will be good to watch inches go down too.

Ultimately to be in the nhs ‘healthy’

range is my goal-just to get to the top range of it would be great!

Going to bed earlier is good advice, I really need to do this as I tend to be a night owl and hate getting up in the mornings 😬 that’s another goal for me and will definitely help with my snacking urges!

Well done for losing 28kgs and maintaining it-I’m hoping I can get through the hurdles of losing weight first! Amazing to hear of your success though-it’s inspiring to hear it can be done. Thanks for sharing.

FirconesHealthy BMI
in reply to Hidden

Lovely to hear from you. I think you have the resolve to hit your goal. It's head and stomach combined for this journey!

Maybe try recording your weight using kg's. I think and understand stones and this might sound mad but I couldn't visualise body weight as kg's. I had such a lot of weight to lose that as I lost weight I didn't really want to know what I weighed, just that I was a bit less than the previous week and very gradually heading to the healthy weight range. Using kg's, grams, also meant I couldn't really answer when I was asked how much I had lost. I could only say about ...however many kilos. I kept very quiet about losing weight, very few people knew what I was trying to do. You just become aware that others are noticing a change but not wanting to ask. This website is very helpful.

My weight loss notebook has six columns: date (each Sunday's date), total weight (kg), a - column (showing total incremental amount of weight lost from the start), + column (if I put any weight back on I recorded the exact amount gained -even being careful Christmas is tricky 1.1 kg back on but I just go with it and it takes about 3-4 weeks to turn around) Stone (weight in stone - but I only record this occasionally for my understanding) BMI, waist measurement, hip measurement; the last three recorded occasionally.

Being able to cook will really help you. I try to cook from recipes showing the energy values - especially if it is something like cake or a pudding. BBC Food are good for this. I cut my portion size accordingly. I do not ban any foods but knowing the energy value for a portion enables me either to make a choice about how much I eat or to not eat it at all. After a while there were foods I just didn't want to eat and never, but equally I occasionally have much smaller portions of things I still like and savour the experience. My issue wasn't so much what I ate but how much. The supermarket becomes an interesting place, we do live in a difficult food environment. I bought a food flask for work and batch cook and freeze veg packed soups, lots of veg curries etc, heat them in the morning and have a healthy hot lunch, I get 10 minutes to eat lunch as my job is busy.

Weetabix ... really helpful if you like it.

I can't wait to hear about when you get to the top of the healthy weight range! Then comes the next bit.

I do totally understand how daunting it is to be at the start of weight loss, but it can be fun too. Find psychological strategies which you think might work for you. Be kind to yourself weight loss is a good thing for you, not a punishment.

Hidden2020 May
in reply to Fircones

Thanks for this-Kgs don’t mean very much to me at all so that is something to consider doing, it doesn’t sound mad and I can see your logic. I think for now I’d like to know how I’m doing in terms of lbs (but I’m open to changing this if needed) and hopefully use how my clothes feel as a bit of a measure. I found my tape measure and recorded my waist measurement-it’s not a

pretty number at all so hopefully that will be another good motivator to see that shrinking.

Thanks for all the info on how you are recording measurements-I think being honest recording the losses and any gains sounds wise so will set up something similar.

I do like cooking (as a family of 6 it’s much more economical too) and I’m starting to be more mindful of energy values and adjust my portions accordingly. Adding lots more salad or veg to my plate instead. I agree with you about not saying no to anything and I know at some point I will be factoring in a glass of wine! Much easier to make that choice when you know what the energy value is-I think that will lead to a better mind frame too knowing I’ve had a treat as a treat and kept it in check, rather than thinking ‘oh well I’ve been naughty now I might as well have more’! I’ve been guilty of that before.

I’ve not had weetabix since I was a child-I have it in the house for my children though so may give it a go again! I like oats with yogurt & berries or eggs for breakfast as I do find eggs fill me up but I do like having variety and want to avoid having only toast as it’s too easy to have too much-I love it with marmite and it gets so more-ish!

My head space is definitely the best it’s ever been for this and I hope I keep it that way. So far it’s been surprisingly easy-it’s just been a case of considering exactly what I’m eating before I eat it!

It’s going to take a long time to get back to the ‘healthy‘ range which is daunting so I’m just taking each day at a time and reminding myself every healthy or healthier choice is a tiny step closer to it.

FirconesHealthy BMI

Absolute pleasure.

When you start using your new scales, pick one day to weigh and only weigh once a week. I weigh on a Sunday and that stops going mad on a Friday or Saturday. I have one 'slightly' relaxed day - Sunday. We usually have a family roast, I have one roast potato and that is the day I had a glass of wine or G&T. I have been careful with wine, I loved to drink it but I had to cut it down and now drink mindfully and think about how many calories are in a glass.

Sparkling water and cordial is a bit special with a meal.

Walking is brilliant if you don't like exercise, that is why I picked it, I knew I would not stick to a class. I went to a gym once. As time goes on you will really notice a difference, even 20 minutes fast walking will make you feel you are achieving. I spent years never walking up my hill, I am now so grateful to live at the top of a hill, it is great free exercise. It toned me up - that was an unexpected bonus. I walk much further now when I can and love it. I was given a Fitbit for my birthday at the start of my weight loss - I love it.

Good luck.

FirconesHealthy BMI

Hi there. Just wanted to say I hope you are feeling good and all is going well. Continued good luck.

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