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Mum tum

Lauratb1 stone

I'm almost at my pre pregnancy weight and I'm still not on pregnancy clothes because of my tummy. Just wondered if anyone had any tips/advice (miracle cure that works overnight preferably 😂) . I'm starting the couch to 5k and and 30 day ab challenge I think!

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Maybe this could help, Lauratb

Lauratb1 stone
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Subtle_badgerHealthy BMI

I've never had kids, but have a lot of success addressing belly fat with intermittent fasting - and there is research that supports it. Note: not if you are breast feeding; you should wait until you have weaned.

I guess a mum-tum will be some combination of subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, lack of muscle and possibly stretched skin. Ab challenge should address the muscle; loose skin is a matter of time and genetics but should come back; subcutaneous fat would be similar level all over, so if the rest of your body is OK, then that's probably fine. Visceral fat is fat around your organs. That is what I have found intermittent fasting helps with. Double benefit in improving your appearance and improving your health.

Search for Lucy Wyndham-Read on YouTube. She has so many great short videos that target specific areas. You can build your own workout through a mix of her videos. 😊

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