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Little tip for eating slower..

blindinglights1 stone

I can be accused of shovelling my food in... but if your right handed eat with your left and vis versa, it helps you to eat slower and digest your food better. xx

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LythamSuper Host 3st 7lbs

Ha ha ! I've never heard of that one, good idea! :-) x

blindinglights1 stone in reply to Lytham

it works haha, defo eat slower with your less dominant hand, try it out xxx

LythamSuper Host 3st 7lbs in reply to blindinglights

It makes sense to me, I'll give it a go! :-) x

I guess I am different from you. Even though my right hand is very dominant, I can shovel food in just as fast with either hand. 😂

We need to go back to formal dining; putting your knife and fork down between bites really slows the pace down.

Or the American technique where your cut a bite, and then swap your fork to your dominant hand to eat it, then swap back.

Chopsticks used to slow me up, until I learned to bring the bowl up to my mouth! But it's still a bite at a time, which helps.

Edit: oh, I see! Sorry, I misunderstood; fork in my left hand. Doh! yeah, I that might work. Chopsticks in my left hand, and I would starve to death.

blindinglights1 stone in reply to Subtle_badger

Oh that has just made me giggle from start to finish, 😂🤣 I swear if I use chop sticks the food ends up in my hair and I too would starve to death, I like the sound of formal dining I always fancied myself in Downton Abbey... 😂

blindinglights1 stone in reply to Subtle_badger

I'm still giggling I can see how not explaining that I meant using a fork as a pose to my actual hands, how you mis understood, now I'm just visualising both of us shovelling food in with our hands, you must have thought I'd gone mad suggesting it 😂😂😂😂

Yeah, I imagined swapping a slice of pizza to my left hand. I thought you were 🤪!


blindinglights1 stone in reply to Subtle_badger

Oh don't I'll never go to sleep, that has got to be my funniest thing today, along with the amazon delivery man asking my age, to sign for a delivery in work today, thought I'd pulled, only it was alcohol in a package 😂😉🍸🍷

I'm out the other side. I was jokingly asked for proof of age at tesco today, because ha-ha you are so old, that pretending you might be 17 is hilarious. I told him he wasn't as funny as he thought he was.

It's only because I have let my grey flag fly. Time to dye it magenta!

blindinglights1 stone in reply to Subtle_badger

Oh god I have to box dye mine every 3 weeks and thats pushing it, I think thats why I found it so funny I'm a mother of 3 boys the youngest being 15... 😂 Hysterical, anyway chatting with you today has really put a smile on my face, so thanks and goodnight 😘

This is such a good idea! I eat much too fast. I’ve started setting a 15 min timer on my stopwatch and turning off my TV when I eat to try and slow things down!! It’s a work in progress....😂😂 although I honestly think if I used my left hand I would spill food everywhere!

blindinglights1 stone in reply to Food4Fuel

Haha give it a go, you wont spill your food, 🙈 it deffo makes me eat slower as it does take more time to co-ordinate 🥗 x

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