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Post baby

LauratbNew Mum 2020

Hello, returning to the group post baby. It's faster than I would normally rejoin, but with being in the house dont want to snack myself into the next stone!! Even if I just maintain for a few weeks I'll be pleased!

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Welcome back, Lauratb :)

How old is your little one? I hope all is well with you both.

At this stage, I suggest you focus on real food, home cooked, three good, filling meals a day. That will be better than going down any "dieting" route :)

You'll find all our activities in Pinned Posts Have a look and get involved wherever interests you, the more the better :)

LauratbNew Mum 2020
in reply to BridgeGirl

Thanks, just trying to get in a routine at the moment and healthier meals one step at a time!

Hello and congratulations 😊 .

If you have time, I would read this long article (

Please have your main focus on eating real food when you are hungry rather than any kind of calorie counting. Especially if you are nursing. This also applies to snacks, reach for something real like vegetables, almonds or fruits or cheese.



LauratbNew Mum 2020
in reply to Sarah73uk

Thanks I will have a look! I'm trying to stick loosely to the slimming world principles. Sugar is my downfall so trying to avoid that to start!

Bee-bop2020 March
in reply to Lauratb

Hi Laura,

Congratulations on becoming a new mum!

Yes, lots of speed and free foods! on SW. I have found that frozen fruit seems sweeter and if you add that to plain yoghurt once defrosted it is really nice. If you are on SW online, check out some of their desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth but still stay on plan? Lots of healthier choices available.

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