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Made it

GannyRestart March 2020
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Two weeks no cakes,biscuits and chocolate,so no sugar and I am beginning to feel

not so tired . Managed to walk daily and have lost 7lbs . Dare I say I am back in the zone!!!! Granddaughters birthday tomorrow will I make it through a birthday celebration.

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Thehandyman2020 March

Well done to you..

Just keep going 😊


Well done Ganny, it sounds as if you are making real progress

I hope you are finding your way around the forum? Nothing beats joining in with things. We have lots of Events, the Group Weigh-in and Daily Diary being our most popular 😊

Have a look through Pinned Posts here for a full list

Tiggerr10 kg

Well done Ganny.

May I suggest that to make it through the celebration (assuming anyone is allowed to meet anyone now :O ), either use the Daily Diary to write down what you will eat tomorrow or write it all down at home (in detail). Using our DD makes you feel more responsible after saying it in front of others.

Regardless, have a good day!

GannyRestart March 2020
in reply to Tiggerr

Good sound advice thanks, however I now won't be seeing my granddaughter 😒 But good idea for future !

Tiggerr10 kg
in reply to Ganny

I'm sorry to hear that Ganny and I imagine she's gutted. Does she understand what's going on?

7lbs in 2 weeks? Well done! Do join a weigh-in, you need to get a well earned badge.

What an achievement. Well done.

Well done and reading your post ..that dreaded sugar and now you have more energy is fantastic . Most of us are feeling a bit different . Mine is not sleeping but why worry as I have no paid work to do at the moment so I will tend the the garden , try and keep busy too . Your post is a credit to you ...keep it up and when the shops open please treat yourself to at least a size smaller in clothes . It was such a boost to me to buy something I liked rather than another hideaway long T shirt and loose wide trousers which I actually looked enormous in anyway .

TheBigM2020 March

Well the government may have helped with that celebration. Well done on the weight loss and will power tho.

Craftyperson1st 7lbs

Well done surprising how quickly you feel better after cutting out all sugar. Hope party wasn't cancelled and you coped

You own the zone Ganny - well done!

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