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What's the best diet plan ?

imane3452020 March

Hi everyone !

I am 75kgs and My goal is 65kgs and i want to lose it the fastest way possible !

What's the best diet plan ??

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Hello and welcome, imane345 :)

I think most members would say that losing weight the fastest way possible is the surest way of regaining it, with more besides. If you'd like to lose weight and keep it lost, you'll find plenty of people here following different plans with success.

A good way to start would be by joining a weekly weigh in and using the Daily Diary. You'll find them and the rest of our activities in Pinned Posts healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

This is a great place for sharing information and encouraging each other so I hope you'll become an active member and find a plan that suits you for life :)

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Tiggerr10 kg

Hi imane and welcome :)

As BridgeGirl has already mentioned, losing weight fast is likely to see the weight loss journey falter and if you manage to reach your goal will often see the weight lost or more regained as fast.

Have a look at today's Daily Diary, have a read through and hopefully you'll gain an insight as to how people are helping themselves.

LCHF/Atkins/keto etc


Do not go ultra low calorie, or do anything extreme to lose weight right now. Something that temporarily affects your immune system could be serious if you happened to contact corona at that time.

JimiM2020 January

"How to lose weight the fastest" is not the best question. "How to change my eating patterns to maintain the best weight for me" is the better one, which entails a journey which becomes a destination in itself.

You could look at the Fast 800 book by Michael Mosley. You could look at the NHS 12 Week plan, whichever you choose there are no short cuts to attaining a healthy weight. It may be inadvisable to think that you can pick and mix ideas from different programmes as each have elements that are designed to work together to keep you healthy on your journey to well being.

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