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Jo1957Restart March 2020

How many more times have I got to start over. so sick of it. I know only I can help me.

Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow......always tomorrow

Jo x

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Been there too and it hurts.

I do disagree though in that I reckon all of us here can help you. Have you thought about sticking with being here and joining in regularly. The way I see it Jo is that eating and drinking is a full time occupation and so it takes regular effort to turn things around until they become so ingrained that things become second nature.

What might you do differently right now?


Hey Jo, you're not alone. We all "start again" in a way, every time we make a decision about what we eat but it does get easier/smoother if we learn from the previous sticking points and make the right changes. You'll get enormous help with that from joining each day's Daily Diary and a weekly Weigh In. You can find today's DD & WI and a heap of other valuable updated site info here.

I've updated your badge, onward and downward, chin up!!

just1me10 kg

To restart means you still want to try to be better to your body.

I applaud you so much for this step.

It is not easy.

If it was easy we would have no need for sites like these. The joy of this site is that it only costs you your time, and everyone is so kind and inspiring.

Keep trying Jo, one of these days it will start to make sense.

Hidden2020 March

My tomorrow is Monday now. I do love Mondays. It Is A Great Day to start something new. I am new here. Let’s start something new together...on Monday.... I am one more person here to support you. And say you are Not Alone. And just keep trying, and talking to us 💚💜😍💜💚

Bee-bop2020 March

It's ok Jo,

You came on here asking the question, how many times do I have to start over? I wonder if you could reframe it? Don't feel disappointed that you feel you are starting over, see it as an opportunity to improve on last time. You can do this! As Tiggerr, Diane, just1me and Mcmel have all said too, there's support here, people who have been there too and have got through it, there's a wealth of knowledge and a lot of people who want to help.

You took a step by coming on here, carry on taking the steps towards your goal.

jsamess2020 March

I think the biggest problem myself and most people have is our lifestyle . We eat at certain times of the day whether we are hungry or not . Most people have a small breakfast , a medium sized midday meal and a bigger evening meal then do nothing . It's not surprising it's hard to loose weight . I have known people that have turned it around starting with a cooked breakfast . Similar sized lunch then when it's time for the evening meal you don't need too much as you have already eaten . Good luck everybody

in reply to jsamess

Hi and welcome, jsamess :)

If you're here to lose weight, then all of the information you need about the forum can be found in Pinned Posts and I hope you'll be joining all the Events, Challenges and Clubs that we run, especially a weigh-in and the daily diary.

We've found active participation to be key to successful weight loss and, of course, it's a good way to get to know people, find inspiration and share support and encouragement.

Wishing you all the best :)

jsamess2020 March
in reply to moreless

I am trying to loose weight but at the moment not focused on it . I have other health issues which are more important but will get started soon

in reply to jsamess

It's always sensible to aim for good health first, with weight loss as a happy side-effect. A change in eating habits can be very helpful :)

You may find these interesting:

Filbo222020 February

Starting again is always a good move, one step nearer success. My tip 'change it up'. Like many, I focus on weight most days and every so often hit the plateau. Been there for a while, but don't feel down, because I know I will succeed. But also because I change focus. This week my focus is exercise. I will focus on doing more and burning more. Next week is already booked, more outdoors walking. The week after back to weight, probably. This way you have changing achievable targets, and 'the mini targets' keep it fresh. Hope this helps, GL.


Well .. when you "restart", just make sure you're not doing the same things that ended in failure last time. You will NOT get a better result!

The key to all this is changing to an eating pattern that your body instinctively recognises as healthy. It'll then keep on track all by itself. If you try to do something that it "knows" is bad for you, it'll eventually force you to stop doing it. Most "diets" - particularly the standard low-fat "eat less move more" diet - result in some form of subclinical malnutrition or hormonal disruption. That's why people start for the first few weeks full of enthusiasm ... and then end up depressed, disillusioned, and right back where we started.

Don't do that to yourself, and you'll be fine!

Don't berate yourself for having to restart, applaud yourself for having the guts to. I wish you every success!

lighterflyerRestart Dec 2019

Me too 😕

LeylaLaytonRestart March 2020

Hi. I feel much like yourself. I've been "messing about" for 6 weeks trying to lose weight and I've actually gained weight. So I realised I needed a plan something I can stick to. So from today I am going to do Slimming World. I've done it before and lost over a stone quite easily. So maybe you can devise a plan that suits you and stick to it . Slimming World have a huge number of meal ideas which you can easily access by googling "sliming world recipes". Good luck. You can do it!!❤️

LeylaLaytonRestart March 2020

Clearly I meant Slimming World. Slimey sounds horrible lol

gman1961Working at it

I'd win a gold medal ,

Massive support on here.

Good luck.


JazzthecatRestart October 2019

With you on that one right at this moment

Hi reminds me of the Mark Twain quote "Giving up smoking is easy, I've done it hundreds of times"

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