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Keeping track of weight loss


Start 12st 3

Now 11st 13 1/2

3 1/2 lb loss so far

I must have been so tired and posted I had gained two stone by mistake the other day!

Posting here just so I have a record of what I weigh. I have fibromyalgia and forget things so wanted to record weight somehow on my page. How do you keep records? I thing I need to write it down in a book. I think all this panic buying and empty shelves are a bit overwhelming for me and I’m sure for others too. I haven’t bought any extra food than normal but it’s a worry to see so little food available. It’s strange times atm . I don’t want to eat less and affect my immunity. Read this advice today so I think I need to make sure I eat enough food.

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My advice Mel31:

Set an alarm on your phone for every Tuesday morning to weigh yourself and post on the weigh-in. Enter that weight into the corresponding date on your phone's calendar. That way you'll never forget again :)

If you don't have a phone, get a diary that's just for your weight loss journey, Enter your weight every Tuesday and enter your meals every day. You'll then have a record and will be able to see what works and what doesn't.

Join our daily diary for assistance with meal planning. Here's the link to today's

I hope this helps :)

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