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Living with M.E.

Joy_Peace2020 March

Usually I do not notice any of my M.E., which is why I describe describing myself as living with M.E. as I know it hasn't gone completely. The thought of being isolated in my house from sometime this w/e feels dreadful. I know I could cope if I could have one morning and one evening walk each day as, for me, fresh air is so vital.

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I'm really sorry to hear that Joy_Peace, but did you realise that this is a Weight Loss forum? Are you wishing to join us for assistance with weight loss?

PandQs3st 7lbs

Hi Joy-Peace, as far as I am aware (if you are in the U.K.) unless you actually have the virus the recommendation to protect yourself doesn’t mean that you can’t go out at all, only that you should keep a distance from other people. So, drive to somewhere where you can walk freely without being in a crowd, or walk late evening or early morning when fewer people around. Fresh air is vital! If you meet anyone, stand 6ft apart to chat to them.

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