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Pre-Diabetes New Diagnosis

GosportNancyRestart Feb 2020

This was the news that I didn't really want to hear right now

I already have heart failure and an undertreated thyroid disorder (long story), then last October I quit smoking and gained 4 stone in 4 months.

I am now at the heaviest weight I have ever been only struggling to lose weight due to not being able to exercise,

I have added my latest pic :)

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Tiggerr10 kg

Sorry for chuckling Nancy but that picture did it for me :) I think we all need a bit of humour right now :)

I am really sorry to hear about that diagnosis, I'm guessing that's come as quite a shock!

Does it sound weird if I implore you to join the Daily Diary. People are using it to create structure in their lives around food (and in other parts of their life too).

If I sound overly stern I apologise but if you read this and don't immediately go and use the DD, then when will you ever use it?

GosportNancyRestart Feb 2020
in reply to Tiggerr

OOh...forgot all about the daily diary thing. I have been using it as a daily drivel though as I am intermittent fasting so nooo restrictions on meals really.

I'll get back to it today boss lol

Tiggerr10 kg
in reply to GosportNancy

As it happens I'm hosting it today so will be keeping a 'casual' eye out for you :)

Tiggerr10 kg
in reply to GosportNancy

Hope you're ok Nancy.

If you're still interested in using the Daily Diary then look at this as your Sunday reminder ;) ...


Hi Nancy, there are a lot of us here who are pre diabetic and some who have turned it around.

Please read these,

There is a lot there to read, but please don't be put off, just take your time and re read if necessary.

It is harder to loose weight if your thyroid is not being treated properly, why not go and have a talk to the people on the thyroid forum,

These people are great and now what they are talking about.

I completely agree with Tiggerr, come and join us on the Daily Diary and see what other people are eating and get some advice.

Wishing you all the best :)

GosportNancyRestart Feb 2020
in reply to lucigret

I had a quick read of the stuff fro the obesity forum :) I will definitely get back to that and see what I can do with it.


Well done for quitting smoking! Although people do tend to substitute food for cigarettes, you've done a very positive thing for your long-term health, and the food thing is a lot easier to fix than nicotine addiction.

Read lucigret's links and follow the advice there. It will sort out both your food cravings and your T2D with a very high probability of success (somewhere between 60-80% is the general consensus).

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