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Day 44: Mostly a good day?


I have done a lot of steps recently and have maintained my healthy lifestyle. However, I have nipped to the chippy tonight and also had a beer. Can't help but feel supremely disappointed in myself. But hey ho, tomorrow is another day.

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Hope everyone has had a better day than me.

Stay strong. Stay honest.

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Hi di hi, me and you both then needing a gee up! Come on Wordworth2, time to take back control and say to yourself "yes, I enjoyed that but it won't do me any favours in the long term so I'll put it to the back of my mind and resume operation Healthy choices and mindful eating!" you CAN do this.. It's not a sprint remember, we're in it for the long haul 👍

EleanorbaRestart Jan 2020

19sunflower is so right!

Can you stock up with easy-to-cook, healthy things to help avoid the chippy run? Also, if you absolutely adore chips, plan them in once a month? I've planned in a cake per fortnight - seems to be working! As long as I haven't told myself I can never have something ever again I see to do ok!

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