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Dear diary

amylouise88Restart Feb 2020

Dear diary...

Today’s weight ( start) 17.6lbs.

Today I couldn’t get out of a girls meet.. so I had a breakfast ( grilled )

I then made the decision to get a tongue peircing - which unltiamtely 5 hours later I’m starving and can’t eat due to a swollen tongue ! However this could prove helpful for the week ahead!!

I am 31 had a tough few months... hit menopause and struggled .... put on weight... got bad skin .. came through the over side once put on HRT!

Struggling to loose weight ... a full time mum to 1, 2 including my fiancé and nanny to 4 kids ... life sometimes gets the better of me and reflects on my eating habits ... but I’m here and ready to loose!!!

#fitforsummer #flabtofab

Good luck to everyone, looking forward to getting to know you all!!


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Good luck to you.

You've still got time to rejoin the Wednesday weigh-in group before it closes and may I suggest that you start using the Daily Diary. Here's tomorrow's that is already open...

amylouise88Restart Feb 2020
in reply to Tiggerr

Oh I thought that is what I was doing :/

in reply to amylouise88

The Daily Diary is a daily post where you plan your meals for the following day. 😊

in reply to amylouise88

The format can take some getting used to.

On this forum's Home page, you can find the Weigh-in and the Daily Diary under 'Events'.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Today is day one.

You should join a weekly weigh in Wednesday's is here;

dreamaldives2020 February

Good luck to you too. Loving your hashtags.

toomuchwool2020 January

Welcome and good luck!

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