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Drink less forum


Hi all 👋🏼

I’ve had a look in the drink less forum as I’ve mentioned before I’m trying to cut out alcohol to help with weight loss, and for general health.

There doesn’t seem to be any posts or support on there at all, it’s like an outdated /unused forum.

There must be lots of us trying to cut down on alcohol use to help with weight loss, and for other reasons... is there another forum I’m missing?

I do think a drink less forum has its own place other than weight loss forums as avoiding alcohol can bring different set of challenges to avoiding the wrong foods, though many of the same strategies I’m sure.

I’d love to be able to share my own journey and support others, it’s really sad that there’s some unanswered posts for help on there.

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Hello Babysteps

I don’t know anything about the Drink Less Forum but we have a monthly post by Eleanorba here healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh... which might be useful? Like all our special posts and Clubs it’s in Pinned Posts on the forum homepage. 😊

Thanks! I use the app on my phone and I think it’s a bit harder to find things on there. Really appreciate your help with this!

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You’re welcome


I think the closest might be the "alcohol-related liver disease (arld)" forum.


Hi Babysteps, I'm sure I gave you a link to our Pinned Posts when I welcomed you but just in case I missed it out, here it is healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

Do scroll through to see what's there, as well as the DrinkLess Club.

I hope you'll be back with the Feelgood Friday weigh-in team this week. You were very chatty and supportive from the beginning and the team support around here is the best :)

Hi BridgeGirl,

Ah thanks for this! Not quite sure why I didn’t find the thread before but I’m a bit more familiar with how this all works now. I’ll join in there and signpost people into it.

The DrinkLess Club forum is dead as a dodo! Which is a shame as it sure there’s lots of people that want to drink less but not for weight loss reasons.

I will be back on Friday! sorry I’ve been a bit quiet, but I have been weighing in each week, just felt a bit negative about my progress so I think that’s why I haven’t been posting. Thanks so much for your help, with everything :-)

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You'll find that most of us go through negative periods and that's where the regular support here really can make a difference.

Not exactly related but if you read today's DD (Wednesday) you'll see discussions from people having bad times and good times and the great support that each lot have received.

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I agree with you, I'm sure a Drink Less forum should have a lot of followers. Sometimes it comes down to having a few people helping keep up the momentum. The DrinkLess club here has been going for a few months now, leading up to Christmas, and it's kept rolling, thanks to the host, Eleanorba and all the members who have joined in. I had to seriously knock alcohol on the head a year or so before I joined the forum. I hope you get the balance that you're comfortable with :)

Indigo & BridgeGirl have pointed you to this month's DrinkLess club. I've been using this club since the new year to good effect.

Hope to see you there :)

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Fab thank you!

EvelynC2020 February

Hi there

I've just managed to go alcohol free for six months now and it's all thanks to a lady called Annie Grace who wrote 2 books - This Naked Mind and The Alcohol Experiment. I signed up online for alerts and hit one FREE 30 day challenge. You can get access to a closed facebook group also which is BRILLIANT for support. Best of luck


Hello, EvelynC, and welcome to the Weight Loss forum :)

As you'll see from the replies above, we have a DrinkLess club you may like to join. We also recommend a good starting point is joining a weekly weigh in, on the day of your choice, and using the Daily Diary to share your meal plans. You'll find all of them, plus our Welcome Newbies message and much more, in our Pinned Posts healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

Have a browse and join in wherever you like. Active participation can give you a real boost so I hope we'll see you out and about, around the forum :)

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