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Feeling deflated

Malasanta16212020 February

I've been trying to lose weight since my GP suggested it would be a good idea for my knee pain if I offloaded some weight. I finally see a specialist for my knee pain and it just seemed like he blamed my pain on my weight and now I just feel like giving up because working out causes pain but in order to reduce the pain I have to lose the weight which means working out. I feel like I'm going in circles now. 4 years ago I was a lot lighter and I still had issues then but I just feel like everyone always blames weight for people's issues, does anyone else feel like this or is it just me?

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No. Changing your diet will lose you the weight. Exercise has lots of other health benefits but what we put in our mouths changes our weight. You are going to be ok. Your knee will improve. You just need to change what you eat.

A number of people here find low carb high fat the best way to lose weight. Low carb high fat also helps arthritis if that’s what you have.

Others find the daily diaries here & weekly weigh ins with support from others here very helpful. If you are new, one of the forum leaders/admins will post you the links.


Hello and welcome Malasanta,

Yes, I expect there are many here who feel that weight is blamed for a lot of things. The truth is though, that if you loose some weight your poor knee will be much happier and hopefully less painful. I can't guarantee that the pain will go completely though.

Loosing weight is about changing the way you eat, it is not all about exercise. You do not have to hit the gym. Some gentle walking will suffice.

I would suggest that you join in with the Daily Diary where we share our menu's. You will get a feel for different ways of eating and it will help you to decide what will work best for you.

There is no quick fix I'm afraid and it isn't about dieting, which doesn't work in the long run, it is about finding a healthy eating plan that is sustainable long term and that you enjoy. It isn't about dropping your calories so low that you loose weight quickly, it is about sustainable weight loss.

If you decide to use the calorie control route, please work out your personal calorie range by using the NHS BMI calculator and start at the top end. Cut out any diet/low fat foods that usually contain a lot of sugar and incorporate some good fats, like butter, cheese, olive oil, full fat greek yoghurt etc. These will keep you full and stop the need to snack between meals. Watch your intake of beige carbs and sugar.

If you haven't already, then please take the time to read our Welcome Newbie post, this will help you to navigate the forum. Whilst in Pinned Posts, the link is below, have a look at all of the Challenges, Clubs and Events that we offer. Participation is key to success and I am sure you will find something to join in with. At the very least, I would recommend the Daily Diary and a Weigh In day of your choice,


Wishing you good luck on your journey and hoping to see you joining in around the forum :)


Hello and welcome :)

Forget about working out. As and when you lose weight, exercise will become easier but it isn't going to make a big difference to you losing the weight. If you're ok for walking, then do a little, regularly, and increase it when you can.

It's what you eat that will make the difference, and I emphasise what rather than how much. You sound very fed up, and that's a good step to making a real change. If you read this healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh... and this phcuk.org/wp-content/upload... you may find a new way forward.

And if you're trying to follow the "eat less, move more" mantra, this explains why it often lets us down psychologytoday.com/us/blog...

Maxiemum2st 7lbs

Welcome M1621,

I know how you feel, it seems over weight is blamed for lots of things and probably the truth is it is.

Like you I am ambulant disabled, I lost my leg as a child and the older I get the harder I find it to walk around and the gym, jogging even walking any distance is a no no for me.

I do love armchair aerobics though and it gets me puffed so you know it’s working.

Give it a try on YouTube, there are loads to choose from.

Remember exercise isn’t everything it’s what you eat that makes the difference

Don’t despair you will get there and everyone here will help and support you

Good luck

I've been there. But my 4 stone weight loss started, not with exercise but diet and walking. Less food in, smaller portions, swapping carbs for more veggies (LCHF) and the weight starts to come off. Walked 1,000 steps, then 2,000 until I'm doing 5,000. More exercise added only once a couple of stone were off and I was feeling stronger. There is no need to eat food you don't enjoy as there is likely to be alternative healthy food you do enjoy. Same with exercise, there will be types of exercise you like and those you don't, do the ones you do. If weight loss is a miserable process it won't endure.

Twenty2go2020 January

Would agree with advice above. I have been doing a reasonable amount of exercise for years with no effect on my weight. Just after Christmas I started on the NHS Choices weight loss 12 week guide. The weight has been coming off slowly but steadily over these last 6 weeks. I have a long way to go, but feel determined. I have joint issues which has been helped by Pilates and a teacher who is able to take this into account. Over the last two years I have been very surprised by my decrease in pain and my increase in strength.

Angelaj652020 January

I can agree with you there . I have bad oestioarthritus in both my knees and my Doctor said the same to me -your weight wont help your knees lose some weight ,s if losing the weight will cure it. I'm a size 18-20 .I have in the past been a size 12-14 and my knees still hurt as much then


Hi, Malasanta1621, welcome.

Many of us here have lost weight without exercise - I was disabled when I started.

If you "slim smart" weight loss is not so hard! It is not all about motivation and masochism.

Some of us here find that what works, for weight-loss and pain/inflammation, is a combination of The Low Carbohydrate, High-Fat (LCHF) diet (see the forum here on Health Unlocked) and Not Snacking All Day AKA Intermittent Fasting (IF). See:

Newbies IF FAQ:


The Fasting and Furious Forum, here on Health Unlocked:


fm57whd2019 March

Hi Malasanta1621

I understand where you are coming from - I’m now 66 & also have painful knees.

Few years ago, cause suggested loosing weight could help.

I’ve now lost almost 3stone over the past two years following LCHF & am now at my lowest weight for 15 years - although still overweight.

I’m not that active, but do manage to hit over 6000 steps most days on my fit bit & do plenty around my house & shopping etc.

Over the past couple of months my knees have been more painful (which get locked-up whilst standing & leaning forward) - cause suggestions now are could be weather & damp.

I feel & look so much better for loosing the weight but haven’t seen much improvement in my knee pain.

I should probably do more exercise but when knees are painful it’s a vicious circle, but overall I’m sure the weight loss is good for me.

Good luck in your journey.

Malasanta16212020 February
in reply to fm57whd

It really is a vicious cycle, I try and go to the gym most days to keep active and I can't do most things because of the pain, I have lost about 10lbs so far and it's just getting worse, the weather may actually be a good shout cause I only started noticing it more in the past couple of months while its cold

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