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Walk 3 .. brrrrrr!

Vale572st 7lbs

I have decided my walking target will be 8000 steps minimum a day, with at least one 16000 one per week.

That said, I missed badly on Saturday Ha ha!

I didn't think we would get the longer walk in today, with the cold and hail, so did some early morning on the spot in front of the TV. But we were brave! decided to go into Castleford, have a walk over the foot bridge to look at the swollen river, then to the canal for a walk.... well that was the plan!! I took a photo of the bridge, then went over it to take one of the old stone bridge ..... then we were totally frozen, so chickened out and headed back to the Queens mill tearooms, and took a couple from there ......I would like to point out the black coffee is mine!!

We followed that with a ride into Wakefield (at least we could walk round the Ridings centre in the warm) ... had a herbal tea in the cafe at Wakefield one .. so was very good! lol.

Not a long walk as such then, but got the steps up past 17000 so far, in bits and pieces. It will do. xx

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Stalk1st 7lbs

Well done, Vale 57, that's a lot of walking in this weather, and I love your interesting pictures!

Vale572st 7lbs
in reply to Stalk

Thank you Stalk. It wasn't as enjoyable as last Thursday's walk in the sunshine, even with all the mud! I look forward to warm sunny walks ... without coats ..... or mud!! ha ha,

Catgirl19762020 January

The ridings centre has gone to rack and ruin hasnt it?

The area around Wakefield is lovely and green and plenty of hills to challenge yourself on.

The ridings was great when it first opened but it has been pushed out by places like meadowhall and white rose centres. I personally prefer the ridings as its nice and compact but it's been shoved out by Trinity walk same as the galleries centre in Bristol got pushed out by a new place called Cabot circus!

I did an indoor dancing workout on Sunday due to the storm and a walk yesterday and got soaked in a hailstorm on the way home!

Today I fitted in a shorter walk over lunchtime to break up the day of job hunting.

Any walk is better than no walk and fitness isn't all or nothing!

Vale572st 7lbs
in reply to Catgirl1976

Well done on the dancing and finding ways to keep going in this cold wet weather!! Pity you got drenched by the hail!! not easy to miss it was it?

Yes The Ridings is not great these days! the ground floor is almost all closed! not many shops left open at all down there! I don't like walking in shopping areas, or in most towns, but it was the only free and local place I could think of to walk under cover. They have a cinema on the top floor now. We didn't go up to look though.


Well done for getting in all those steps despite the awful weather we have had.

Just look how high that water is under the bridge!

Vale572st 7lbs
in reply to lucigret

No quite as high as the '2015' floods. But we didn't go see it at the weekend, and can tell from other areas that I did see at the weekend, that it has gone down a bit now.

Castleford doesn't really flood much theses days, not in the centre anyway. But my favourite place is Hebdon Bridge, and it had me in tears seeing it so badly hit again. But seeing how the amazing community has, once more, rallied round to help each other is amazing!

in reply to Vale57

I too feel for all the people around Hebdon Bridge. I used to be taken there as a child I see to remember, when we lived up North. I am sure I have been there since as well.

I'm very pleased that Castleford doesn't flood. I think it is one of the worst things that can happen to one's home.

Pauline-L2020 January

Well done, hate walking ! I have started volunteering with barking mad and I have a dog for two weeks. I like walking with the dog though. This well help with my steppage. Vale57 you are doing fab.

Very impressed Vale57 sounds a lovely walk! 8000 steps a day is quite a tough target. I'm doing a brisk pace walk for at least 10 mins a day - mostly it's 20+ mins cos those are my achievable routes without taking up toooo much of my time. Been 6 wks and I'm feeling so much better - actually keen to get out and miss it if I dont! I do one long walk a week of about 4 miles with friends. Lovely morning here today hope it is where you are. GOOD luck!

toomuchwool2020 January

Well done! You've had some challenging weather up there to say the least.

MMP12020 January

It has to be realistic. The weather has been shocking. You have done well and enjoyed it too. Good luck with your goals.

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