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Meh week! 😑

KT23452020 January

I’m a day late as very busy yesterday to come on here. I did a quick weigh in though yesterday morning so wanted to still post it to try and keep me going. So last week wasn’t my best week but also wasn’t my worst. My motivation for not snacking has returned but my exercise motivation has struggled a lot. I managed a little bit but not nearly enough to make much difference. Hence the weigh in....

last week weigh in 10 stone 12.8lbs

This week weigh in 10 stone 12.2lbs

Don’t think 0.6lbs is much to celebrate but still it’s not a gain. I do need to try harder.

I tried some of pinch of nom’s sweet recipes - Jaffa cakes and chocolate brownies as they’re low calorie. They’re made with granulated sweetener rather than sugar but taste a bit plastic if I’m honest. Feels like you’re eating very processed food even though they’re homemade. Not sure I’ll be bothering with any of their recipes that contain granulated sweetener now.

Good luck to everyone for this week! 😃

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Every little loss in the right direction should be celebrated :) Well done

Those Jaffa cakes don't sound too great

Have a good week :)

Ziva094 stone

I haven't tried any of the Nom 'pudding' dishes, but they use the granulated sugar substitute in main dishes too. I've been making those this month, and I have to say, I haven't noticed the taste.

Maybe try savoury dishes from them, rather than ones that depend on good tasting sugar? I've never found good sugar replacement recipes for proper baking, they always have what to me is a slightly bitter taste to them.

Congrats on your loss this week, keep it up (or down :) )

That's 0.6lbs lighter than if you had stayed the same. Continue that for a year (those moments in time that seem long but somehow fly by :) ) and you've lost two and a half stone :O :)

There's a thinking that if we continue to indulge our sweet tooth, that it can make it harder to keep our distance from sugar based food. Saying that, this Friday I'll be trying to make my first dessert since the new year a cheesecake :O Also using a zero carb sugar.

KT23452020 January
in reply to Tiggerr

Thanks and good luck with the cheesecake!

Stalk1st 7lbs

When we're wanting to lose, every loss is a good loss - well done on that 0.6 lb!

For exercise motivation, I find Fit is Fun really good, you can find it in the pinned posts.

You don't need to be an ace athlete, you just post your own (realistic) targets and then post what you've done.

Good luck!

Jahalu55Restart Jan 2020

A loss is a loss, well done. Slow & steady. Hunting 4 good recipes 2 curb my sweet tooth too, not keen on sweetener either! J

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