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Week 2

Mel312019 October

Starting week 2 today. I can’t exercise atm due to pains in my neck. Hope I still lose some weight without exercising much this week. Going to try a long walk or walking in the pool. Already walk a lot with my little poodle everyday. Can’t wait to be under 12st again. I seem to be 12 st for years losing weight then put it back on back to 12 at again. Really hoping this diet keeps the weight off as the changes in diet are for good.

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Well done on sticking with it - it can take our bodies time to adjust to a different diet

Sorry to hear about the neck pain, hope it's nothing serious and that you have had it checked out

Walking is good exercise and having a dog to walk makes you do it daily too :)

Have a good week :)

Well done on reaching week 2 though sorry to hear about the neck pains Mel, that must be quite debilitating.

Whilst you're in pain, go easy on yourself and don't forget that exercise is great for the overall health of our bodies and boosts our feelings of well being but only plays a small part in weight loss.

Keep managing your food and drink and you will continue to lose weight.

Has anyone suggested using the Daily Diary which apart from everything else, helps maintain a sort of continual focus.

Mel312019 October
in reply to Tiggerr

I think that’s why I’ve struggled with my weight since a car crash quite a few years ago. I have lots of debilitating permanent pain . Hoping weight loss will help me feel better in the future .

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