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How happy is everyone with diet tracking apps?

manofman2020 February

I'm curious if everyone is satisfied with logging food in myfitnesspal, i always dreamed of an app that could just let me type and it logs it

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I'm afraid I have never got on with it.

I think any app requires some level of effort. My favourite at the moment (because it scans the barcodes) is "MyNetDiary". It keeps me honest so that I don't put more daily calories in than my daily exertion takes out.

It’s ok for me, I do a variety of methods from scanning in barcodes, to searching for standard meals, to creating my own recipes, to adding or editing recipes from the web. It does take time, but that is less time for eating. Sometimes the time to type or search for a snack makes me manage to not eat it at all 🤔

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love this reply - what a great way to eat less :)

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CATOSPHERE2020 January

I really like myfitnesspal. It's easy to use and had simple features. Also you can save meals and recipes on it so you dont have to keep putting in the foods and cals each time you make the same meal. Only issue I find is that when I make homemade stuff I cant be bothered to weigh each thing so tend to guess how much of each ingredient I put in the cal counter. Really showed me how much a snack so is good to see what you habits arevfood wise.

I love MFPAL but I love apps! It took a while to learn how to use it. Like all things computery it only knows what we teach it. Sometimes the calories are way off. So I do a bit of research elsewhere and up date the food i need. 'tis a bit of fun clicking about!

I used to hate it, but the more you use it the easier it is to find things, so now I don't hate it anymore. I wouldn't say that I love it yet, but it's the best one I've tried

I've paid for the full MFP package. I find it an easy app to use, after the first couple of weeks.

Once you've spent a little time typing in your own recipes (always handy to have) and logging regular, favourite foods it becomes very much easier.

Even without the paid for extras I found MFP a challenge only for about 10 days. Now, over a month on I am finding it very easy I have it synced with Google Fit which counts steps (as long as I carry my phone around) and into which I can log exersises I also use the activity logger in MFP to log activity round the house.

I've tried other apps but none is as user friendly or has such a wide food database.

Stick with it if you can, it gets easier to use and more accurate the more you use it xx

Ceebee41 stone

Manofman, the first time I lost a decent amount of weight I was a stickler for My Fitness Pal. Logged everything and it worked well. I had it synched with Runkeeper app and it gave me great motivation to stay under the calorie allowance daily. I think for that reason, even although I’m trying to be more LCHF/IF this time, I would recommend it.

I tried my fitness pal, but to be honest I felt a bit bogged down by all the entry.

I find cutting out foods made with white flour and sugar has made eat well pretty simple.

And if I am feeling stressed- or anticipate a stressful occasion, I avoid buying foods that I can't manage well. ie - I tend to over cheese and nuts. So I didn't buy any this week. (I tend to gobble the weekly supply in 2 days when I get stressed!

Hope this helps!

PandQs3st 7lbs

I started with myfitnesspal, which I thought was brilliant for those who are counting calories, but for me I found it a bit of a faff, even when many of my meals were just on repeat. I was much happier when I stopped counting and weighing food after I’d switched to low carb high fat. It suits me much better to choose low carb food, eat till I’m full, and eat again when I’m hungry.

I tried several apps that track calories and, like PandQs above me, couldn't deal with the chore of logging all my food. Unless I am completely diligent (SPOILER ALERT: I'm not), the calorie count is wrong enough that it is misleading.

The app I currently use only tracks weight but it takes a guess at your calorie deficit based on your change in weight. I've found that it is almost as accurate as calorie logging but without all the faff.

Hi Manofman - I like mfp - I think logging food helps to keep me accountable and aware of exactly what I'm eating. I have also tried the premium version of Cronometer for a while which I loved because it tracked macro and micronutrients and encouraged me to eat a wide variety of foods in order to increase my vitamins and minerals. I liked that it made suggestions about what I needed to eat more of to boost say my magnesium or B vitamin intake for the day and that these levels could be tracked over time to highlight any potential dietary deficiencies. I think the free version offers some of these features - and sadly it's an American app with an American database - but with a bit of input it can work well - I might even get back on it - thanks for the reminder... x

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