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Day 41: Back to Motivated.


I love days when your motivation is back to the levels you were at when you first started the healthy living/weight loss campaign. Last week wasn't great, so I am determined that this week is going to be. I hope that everyone's motivation is also staying strong.

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Have a wonderful evening!

Stay strong. Stay honest!

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Twenty2go2020 January

Had a bad week last week. First week without a loss. After initial disappointment, got my mojo back to continue my calorie counting and exercise. Interesting that I am also around Day41.

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Hi Twenty2go,

Perhaps there is a link to the 40th day and a loss of motivation. I'm just glad I got it back at the end of it and, so it seems, have you! Brilliant! The best thing is noticing that I can do my trousers up easier!

Keep going!

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