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How Many Times a Week Should I Work Out if I'm Only Doing Two NHS Routines?


I'm hoping to start working out using the NHS 10 minute work outs (mainly because I can't afford to go to the gym), but aside from the warm ups and cool downs, I only plan to do the routines for Legs Bums and Tums and Cardio workouts.

These two in mind, how often should I do them? I had planned to try to do both once a day but I've read I should try more for one workout a day.

Which would be more advisable? Or should I be doing them in a different frequency?

Any input appreciated

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Hello NetroPhil

This is a peer to peer support group for weight loss, but I hope one of our members can perhaps advise you. If you have any doubts then please consult an expert.

Personally. I think any extra moving, on top of normal, is a bonus 👍 Maybe have a brisk walk in the afternoon?

Good luck, and if you doo require support for weight loss please let me know

Best wishes


Hi NetroPhil

I am not a personal trainer or anything but a couple of thoughts.

We lose weight by changing our diet.

Exercise is great for overall health, physical & mental though. My experience is that we should to exercise to the point of feeling you have ‘done something’, but not to the point of not being able to do anything else all day.

Forget what you have read, but how do you feel? If your legs etc are tired after one workout, then don’t do it again that day. If you would like to do them twice a day, then do that. A range of exercise is also good. Having done the strengthening exercises, then your next workout could be cardio - a brisk walk / dance about the kitchen to ABBA etc. If in doubt, move more not less.

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