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Struggling to navigate this site

Logcabin2020 January
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I am struggling to navigate this site.....I have fathomed out the 12 week progress chart thingy but am struggling to find articles etc. I tried to fill in my profile but after ‘90% complete’ I couldn’t find the next place to go or anywhere to click on....please advise.

5 Replies

Hi and welcome, Logcabin :)

To be honest, Logcabin, 90% sounds good enough to me and is probably about 75% more than mine. Once you're feeling more confident with the site, you can go back to it.

All of the information you need about the forum can be found in Pinned Posts and I hope you'll be joining all the Events, Challenges and Clubs that we run, especially a weigh-in and the daily diary.

We've found active participation to be key to successful weight loss and, of course, it's a good way to get to know people, find inspiration and share support and encouragement.

Wishing you all the best for 2020 :)

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Smiler692020 January
in reply to moreless

Hi Moreless

I’m a newbie and I want to join today’s weigh in so I can start my weight loss . I have weighed myself today and I am 89kg !! 😬I want to get down to 12 stone. I have a way to go , but I’m in it for the long haul.

Many thanks 😀

in reply to Smiler69

You'll need to post your weight on today's weigh-in, Smiler69.

It's kept in Pinned Posts

and this will help you correctly log your stats


I agree with moreless, 90% sounds pretty good for the profile.

I believe moreless was trying to link this..

Good luck!

in reply to Tiggerr

Thanks Tiggerr and apologies Logcabin, I've sorted the link for Pinned Posts, as that's where all of our events, challenges and clubs are now kept :)


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