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Day 11: Slow and steady.

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Good evening all. I hope you've all had a good day.

So after day 11 I've lost 4lb, which is great. The cold is going...slowly, so that is good. The kids are away for the evening, so that is great. There's no school tomorrow and no event runs, so that's brilliant and I can have a lie in.

A good january so far!

Stay strong!

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Glad to hear your cold is on the way out, and congratulations , your 4 lbs loss in eleven days is more than plenty. Most successful losers/maintainers have found that a slower loss of 1-2 lbs a week makes us much more likely to keep the weight off longer term, our body adapts more easily. Enjoy your sunday !

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Hi elliebath,

Thanks for your support. I'm trying to change my lifestyle and eating habits rather than lose weight. I do know I'll lose weight because of it, but it's not my goal. I want to exercise more and eat healthier, getting rid of rubbish completely eventually, but it's a slow and steady process of change, not change straight away because I need time to get used to every change so I stick to it. And as I am overweight I know I'll lose more at the start than later.

Thank you again for taking the time to reply, I really do feel supported and love the advice I am given. I hope your journey is going well.

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Sounds like you have a sensible approach , as you say we have to see these changes as a new way for life .

I was once overweight too, 2 stone crept on through my fifties, but I managed to lose it and have stayed a healthy weight since 2015 .

Very pleased you're finding the forum helpful. Ive been here for over 4years, to help me maintain, and encourage others.

Going forward your food habits won't always be perfect (believe me I definitely still have the odd cake and wine when I want to) , but you will find you become more mindful than before. In my case I make healthy choices about 80% of the time. That seems to work ok for my health as well as my figure.

You are making good progress and no reason at all you won't reach your goals 😊

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