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Weight loss plan is working!

Lighter125Restart Nov 2019

So I am now 7.5 weeks into my weight loss journey and am now 9.st 13 pounds. I can not tell you how happy I am to be under 10 stone!

I have lost just over 15 pounds and am feeling so much better about everything.

I have another 8/9 pounds to go but am 66% of the way there - I am aiming for 9 stone 5 pounds.

I feel it’s important to celebrate the “wins” so far to keep motivation going but to also keep focused on my target. I am also looking at fat % this week and muscle mass as wanna be trim and toned mainly rather than just weigh less.

Now, in the past I got so happy once under 10 stone, that around 9st 10/12 I would give up and then bad habits would creep back in. The fact that for the first time i years I will by start of year and also a new decade be back to a size 10, is a real motivation. This last 33% is hardest to loose, but this is why am posting here, to keep the motivation UP and to make sure finish the job and meet my target!


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Hi... I am glad that what you are doing is working for you.

Yes - I felt like that when I got down to 15 stone - but that is 14% body fat!

How are you planning to asses your body fat percentage and muscle mass? You might be interested in this:


Are you Intermittent Fasting?:


Lighter125Restart Nov 2019
in reply to S11m

thanks so much! I think will gauge fat % (this is a bit clunky) using specific scales - its not exact but gives some direction!

in reply to Lighter125

Body-fat callipers are not very expensive, and, I think, they give more accurate results than the cheaper "smart" scales.


Congratulations! That is fantastic work and best wishes for the last 8/9 pounds! You’ve got this!

Congratulations 🎈🎊 perhaps now is the time to really start thinking about how you will maintain once you reach your goal. Do you have a plan for that?


Well done on what you have achieved. I would recommend a decision to continue regular weigh ins for life. Once you reach your goal celebrate then work out a maintenance plan.

Weigh in weekly to check that you are still goal weight plus or minus a couple of pounds. (Maintenance zone)

Don't get complacent, once you have maintained for 6 months or a year, it is too easy to think you have got it all sussed. My experience tells me that it is too easy to take your eye off the ball and wake up a couple of stone heavier!

This happened to me back in the summer when I got my beach clothes out to pack, only to find I couldn't get into most of them.

This time it will be weekly weigh ins for at least a year, post goal weight. I may then try fortnightly but regular weigh ins are the only way I can guarantee not to yoyo again. That way I can take action as soon as I get above my comfort zone. Certainly before my bmi is regarded as unhealthy. I am not ever going to need to lose 2 stone again! Good luck with your journey. I too only need a few last lbs to go, but I will remain here. I need this forum to keep me accountable!

DietwomanHealthy BMI

Hi well done that is amazing 15 pounds in 7.5 weeks, good luck for the last few pounds you can definitely do it.

I am a similar weight, weigh in now at 9stone 4 has taken me all year to lose 2 and a half stone would like to be 9 stone but have stayed at 9.4 for a few weeks now, will keep trying tho. It was a great feeling getting under 9 stone, I have done this before the same as you and got to 9 stone 10 then put weight on again. Am determined not to this time so like you keeping a close eye on it and not letting it slip., we have got this 😀

Holly282019 December

Brilliant news, keep it up!


Well done, passing that 10st barrier is indeed a great feeling isn't it?

I think the suggestion above by PippiRuns is a sensible one. Now is a good time to start thinking of how you plan to maintain longer term. I would suggest you give yourself a weight range of a few pounds for maintenance, rather than an exact figure. Tbh maintenance is just as challenging as initial weight loss. I'm a long term maintainer (4 years) and have found that allowing myself a 3-4 pound range is better for the body and the soul 😊.

Some of the many Maintainers Posts might be helpful to you ( you find them in Pinned Posts ) . But well done so far and good luck with the final few pounds.

Another vote here for continuing to weigh in after you have achieved your target weight. It's too easy to lose track and suddenly find yourself back where you started.

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