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Hit my 1st goal :) treat or no treat?

Lorna22042 stone

Met my goal of getting to a 1 stone loss by this week, I managed a 3lb loss this week which is actually almost 1 stone, 2lb in total but I think I pushed myself a little too hard in the last two days and did feel quite hungry. This was because I was so desperate to meet the 1 stone goal this week but I realise that making it harder for myself is just making me want to go mad tonight now.

Although I started off sticking to the calorie restrictions I chose everyday, I have now loosened off a bit, and do allow myself a "treat" meal once per week, if I lose. I also go a bit easier on the calorie restriction in general over the weekend - just so long as I maintain a deficit of some kind. This generally feels quite natural, though, as I like to be more active over the weekends. I also include other treats, like trying something new. Last week me and my partner finally got around to starting dance lessons which was really fun, so we will be going again tonight. This was a huge treat as I would have been too embarrassed to join before I started losing weight - I have only lost 1 stone so far but my fitness and confidence have both improved a bit already.

Does anybody else reward themselves in any way? I hate the word "cheat day" as it makes it seem like whatever you eat on that particular day is not part of the diet, and I make a point of not denying myself anything completely - even if it means choosing a lower cal. version or a much smaller portion. I'd love to hear what kind of things everyone else does to celebrate hitting little goals along their weight loss journey.

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For me, although I also ‘calorie cycle’ as they call it ie eat more some days than others, I don’t like associating any food with the word Treat . . . I’ve worked really hard on this and like you, my Treats are things like a Dancing Lesson, new clothes, a trip,to the cinema etc 😊

Very well done for hitting your first goal 😊🎉👏

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Lorna22042 stone in reply to IndigoBlue61

Thanks :) yep I posted in the Friday one today.

Calorie cycling sounds like a better term than treat, you are right. It also sounds like a sport haha. :) thanks for the advice! X

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Lorna2204

You’re welcome 😊

Joanney695st 7lbs

Well done on reaching your first goal, lorna 😊

Like you, I don't deny myself anything, as that's a sure fire way to make me want it! But when it comes to treats for reaching a goal, I prefer it to be non food related - a nice bubble bath 🛀 , new underwear 👙, a new top 👚 or a trip out somewhere 😊

But we are all different, so if a food treat works for you and won't derail all your hard work, go for it 😊 might be better not to call it a cheat day though - psychologically I think that wouldn't do my head any good at all 😏

Shepsbird2 stone

I do “treat” myself with a fancy shower gel or new socks (I am weird but I love the feel of new socks). We all have been working so hard we deserve it!!!

jubbly1955rebootedRestart Sept 2020

Well done Lorna2204. You are doing really well.

Like the others I prefer to keep my treats non-food related. Some nice undies or some new make -up perhaps. X


I rewarded myself with non-food treats whilst I was losing but would sometimes have a Practice Maintaining day when there was a celebration or a meal out on the cards. I’d definitely avoid thinking of overeating as a treat! All food is a great treat to me!

Lorna22042 stone in reply to Eleanorba

Don't worry I won't be overeating! Perhaps I should clarify- the treat meal that I have once per week is one where I just don't count the calories. I still focus on making better choices- so if we are at home I may make a healthier version of a favourite takeaway like some grilled fish with homemade oven chips instead of getting fish and chips. And the treat night is also the only night per week I drink alcohol. We had a tough few weeks recently so for tonight we have decided to pop out for dinner after our dance class but I can guarantee without having looked at the menu that I will pick something much better than I would have picked 3 months ago even if it is a treat. The treat is more the occasion of it I suppose rather than a crazy binge.

EleanorbaMaintainer in reply to Lorna2204


EleanorbaMaintainer in reply to Lorna2204

... I still reckon every meal should be a treat though!

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Eleanorba

I agree!

Pineapple274 stone in reply to Lorna2204

flidfit.com/2017/09/21/fish... This is my version of fish and chips Lorna2204 :-)

Lorna22042 stone in reply to Pineapple27

Looks amazing. I sometimes dust my fish with flour seasoned with a bit of turmeric and curry powder - it make a it taste like fish, chips and curry sauce XD when I do this I pan cook it using fry light rather than grill it. Will mix it up a bit and try your version next time we have fish x

Ange-linaRestart July 2020

Well done for reaching your goal. Will you be maintaining now or do you have a new goal? I have been 'calorie aware' but not counting.

Tonight was Pizza night and I had a couple of small slices and piled my plate with salad. I then ate the pizza 'slowly' and was last to finish but I enjoyed it.

Finding it all quite hard though....too many temptations.

Lorna22042 stone in reply to Ange-lina

It is the first milestone of a marathon rather than my target weight. Baby steps:) I did something similar tonight. Ordered a bunless burger with salad instead of chips. Was so good. Glad you enjoyed your pizza! Sounds lovely:)

MissionwomanRestart August 2020

Well done on your weight loss. I have changed my mindset to this is for life and not calling it a diet. I was away for the day on Friday with friends. We had lunch out and I had a starter which fits with my lifestyle. The main which was very healthy came with a small portion of chips. I ate about 5 of them....they were small. I didn't feel deprived nor did I feel I particularly enjoyed them but I am not a lover of chips and tend to ask for salad instead. This was a set lunch menu and not large portions. I don't find it a challenge to eat out now unless I am at friends' and there is no choice and it would seem ill mannered when they have cooked a meal. I have smaller portions and no seconds. I had wine last night but that has always been a treat and I may be weeks before I have it again. I have lost another 2lbs this week but have been static for a few weeks and even gained but have now lost 1st 2lbs overall so I feel it is working for me. I don't feel upset when I don't lose as it is definitely......for life.

Doing4me2 stone


Well done on getting to your first goal if your treats are within your limits as you say in further replies not too bad then I do similar . My main treats though are non food related new tops leggings etc or for big ones a handbag or pair of shoes. What's your next goal?

Icandoit2019Healthy BMI

Hello Lorna2204

Well done on your loss! I’m not rewarding myself with food anymore and just enjoying clothes shopping my biggest incentive to losing weight. Was health but now being a bit vain as previously I hated clothes as nothing flattering fitted me.

All the best x

I don't reward with food, that just makes me feel guilty and want to eat more. My rewards might include, new lippy, item of clothing, trip out, nails doing.......depending on what I achieve. I restrict myself to main course when I go out and try not to go mad rewarding myself for doing this, it is becoming a norm for me now. The biggest reward is seeing your weight reduce and feeling better about yourself and the lovely feeling you get from being with others. You have done so well, keep your goal in mind. GOOD LUCK

Congrats on your progress! You’re doing brilliantly! Love the sound of dancing class as a reward. What’s your next mini goal milestone?

You can do this!!

Lorna22042 stone in reply to Cosmo501

I'm loving the dance classes! Basically I am making each stone a milestone. So when I reach the 2 stone mark I am planning to splash out on some new gym gear (I will probably need some then haha) and I like the idea of trying out new activities with each milestone. I think my next one will be a new gym class - I have a long list of classes that I want to try but I'm worried I will not be good enough to do.

Because of Christmas my next target is delayed until the end of January - I love Christmas and I don't want to deny myself the occasional mince pie! I read somewhere that it's important to make the goals realistic otherwise, if we miss one, we are more likely to get demoralised and give up. Do you have milestones set or anything? I think everyone works differently and they can be helpful for some people but they can stress other people out a bit. I am a PhD student so I like deadlines haha.

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