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Positivity is in the hair!😝

Stargazer1012019 September
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So last night I had a radial change of hair colour!

Starting on an new and improved me so needed new hair!!

Picture this....... dark roots and then just a splash of colour...... well 5 different colours and you have rainbow unicorn hair!!!!!

I can feel that something has changed in me for the better!

A year ago today though we lost our 16year old dog! But I’m not crying I’m just smiling at all the memories he has given me and my family!

I’m sad but happy that I had him in my life! He really was one of a kind! A great nanny dog to my kids. And helped us when we were feeling sad by being silly and crazy!

He really did brighten up our life

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Awww it’s always hard to lose our beloved pets ☹️❤️🐾. But well done on focusing on the happy times.

And well done on the new hair colour, I’m letting my colour grow out and going grey disgracefully 😂

I hope we are going to see more of you around the forum? Nothing beats joining in with forum events and activities for motivation, especially the Daily Diary and the Group Weigh-in’s. Have a look at the Whats Happening Chat Thread for a full list


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