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It’s all about the mindset!

Stargazer1012019 September
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So another breakfast shift today covered for someone who’s not well!

Lots of things going on and most are very stressful BUT I’m feeling good. Haven’t picked on food over the last couple of days!

It’s very strange I must say that even though I wasn’t very happy about what the scales said the other day I’m not stressed about it, if that makes sense.

I mean it’s just the starting point not the finishing line! And that is key !

I’m like ok I’ve got some work to do and not hating myself and being negative!

Baby steps! But feels like I’ve move on in my mind!

Next thing for me is to record my food!

Tortoise and the hair !!!

I will get there!

Have a good Monday evening!

3 Replies
Caroline626 stone

That is the way to go Stargazer Slow and steady. It seems to me you are moving forward. 😊

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Definitely about the mindset Stargazer101 and you have the perfect one. This is a marathon and not a sprint. Every small change you make towards a healthier lifestyle is great. Embed the changes slowly and they will stay with you for life. X

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You're spot on. It's not easy not to get upset so well done for staying calm. There's much to learn along the way.

Baby steps it is! :) :)

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