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Labs back, would appreciate feedback!

So, I have had some labs back. I have been on Berberine 1500 mg daily (500x3) since 2015. Back then, it helped me lose 28 kilograms and have a normal BMI for the first time in years. I have since put it all back (the weight gain started after I was put on high doses of prednisolone last year - I took it for a total of six weeks but the weight gain continued unabated after I weaned off it; not sure it still has any importance, though).

These are my latest fasting blood glucose and insulin levels:

blood glucose 110 mg/dL (ref 70-105); a year ago (before taking cortisone): 90

insulin 18.0 uU/mL (ref 2.6-24.9) a year ago: 13.4

It does not take a genius to figure out my out-of-range blood glucose and high insulin levels have something to do with my recent weight gain and inability to keep the weight off.

I exercise daily - walking, jogging, aerobics, and consider myself fairly fit. So far, I have followed the "eat a little bit of everything" doctrine, but may have to reconsider and go low carb.

My doctor offered me Metformin a few years ago, but I declined and tried Berberine instead which worked wonders for me back then. But now, it seems ineffective and I have no idea why as I use the same brand I used back then.

Any input would be most welcome, thanks!

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You do understand that this is a weight loss support forum and that none of us is qualified to offer medical advice, thecat68.

Having said that, I would say your best course of action is to address your diet. Here are some things for you to read/watch.

That should keep you busy :)


Yes, I do understand that, but I don't believe that medical conditions such as insulin resistance or diabetes can be disregarded when it comes to weight gain or loss.


I haven't disregarded it, hence the list of links and videos for you to peruse at your leisure. What I meant was, we can't offer advice on your drugs/supplements, as we're not qualified to do so.


Hello and welcome thecat68 😊

Please take time to read the information Moreless has given you, there’s undoubtedly a link between weight gain, insulin and glucose intolerance. However, we aren’t experts (or employed by the NHS) so need to re-iterate this if we get someone asking for specific advice.

Best wishes



I too put on a lot of weight after being on Prednisolone on and off for 2 years. It doesn't make you gain weight but it makes you extremely hungry so you do eat a lot more than normal. It was then that I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I put on 4 stone in that time. I went to some diabetes classes about nutrition and then the person running it left. So I then joined Slimming World and left that after 6 months cos I got stuck. I have lost 3 stone since 2014 and now have 1 more stone to go. I have now started Aquasize classes and am trying low carb diet but I am unable to eat lots of fruit and veg because of Colitis. I am not taking any meds for Diabetes but I am on a few other things for other health problems. I think if you kept a diary and wrote everything down that you ate little and often it would surprise you how much you are actually having. It does take a long time but keep at it and you will get to where you want to be. I also found that I was nibbling things in the evenings so I took up knitting again to keep my hands and mind busy so as not to think about food.

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Thank you so much, that is very helpful info indeed!!! Will look more into all this!


You probably know this but it's the way prednisolone processes carbs that causes the weight gain. I too had been on it for over 4 years. I know that cutting carbs does lead to weight loss even when on it and some people have lost as much as 3 stone when still on Pred. Possibly a low carb diet may help you lose the weight. I am finding it successful but I am also counting calories.


Yes, my own experience when it comes to weight loss is that some calorie-counting is necessary in order for me to lose weight. That does not mean starvation diets, but I need to be careful what I eat.

I have read that WW has a completely new programme with lots of "zero pointers", foods that you can eat freely. That used to apply to vegetables, berries, and some low glycemic fruits, but now also applies to eggs, poultry, white fish, beans, and many other foods. That might be worth considering...I know that unlimited amounts of fat won't be allowed on WW, but somehow, I cannot see myself putting butter on steaks or pouring full-fat cream in my coffee anyway...I'm not much of a fruit-eater anyway so would mainly eat vegetables. So WW could be an option for me as I seem to need to count calories as, unlike many more extreme low calorie diet companies, WW stresses the importance of including healthful fats and eating enough calories for your weight and level of exercise.

I recently read an article by someone who complained about how she failed to keep her new, lower weight and overcome her sugar addiction on WW as she chose to spend her daily points on sweets and snacks. WW can hardly be blamed for that, but that article fueled a lot of debate among lc forums where WW was accused of a lot of things, from deliberately misleading their clients to overcharging them just to tell them to eat junk food, knowing that would make them regain weight and so come back, thus perpetuating the vicious circle...that means the end goal of WW's business idea would be to make people lose weight only to put it back again. I was appalled at the low level the debate reached, and that made me stay away from lc forums for a while.

BTW, I did not know that about pred and carbs...if my cortisol saliva test shows my cortisol levels are low, I am not sure what to do...I would hate to go back on Medrol. My doctor won't prescribe HC as she claims it can cause water retention. There is a supplement which contains 5 mg of HC per capsule. I have been considering trying it if my saliva tests shows I need to supplement cortisone, but it does sound a bit inconvenient having to multi thing I like about Medrol is that it can be taken once daily, but I am not too crazy about the idea of taking a strong glucocorticoid like that when there is a natural alternative available...sigh.


The healthy eating rules have changed so much over the years and what was considered good before is now not the thinking anymore. I think you have to decide what suits you and your lifestyle best because although we all have the same aim of weight loss combined with eating healthily, we can come to it by different routes. This is a great forum offering support and sympathy when we don't do as well as we hoped. Knowing the support is here is so helpful. Best wishes with whatever method you choose.

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Yes please do. Slow and steady wins the race as they say.


Hello and welcome to the Weight Loss Forum PAMB55 😊

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Best wishes in your weight loss journey

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