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Working out for overweight people

Hi all!

I am quite overweight and I want to try working out. Does anyone knows any gym in Manchester who has special programmes for overweight people?

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Hi and welcome, stevegk :)

I would have thought that all gyms would be able to accommodate all users, regardless of size/age/ability, but you may be better dealing with your diet first and undertaking some gentle exercise, like walking, before throwing yourself into a full on workout that could end up injuring you, or putting you off.

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Wishing you all the best :)


Hello stevegk

I dont live in Manchester but please don't think just because you are overweight you can't go to any gym

People of all sizes go You will be given an assessment and a programme to suit you

Any good gym will make you feel at ease

Ask your GP too you might get a referral and get the cost cheaper I did

I really hope you take that step today you will feel great and they will be gentle with you

Good luck


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