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Has anyone any experience with Gastroparesis?


I've had gut problems for years but it never was enough of a problem for me to visit the doctors and I always thought it was a reflux issue.

A couple of days ago when googling relfux issues, it didn't quite fit and I came across gastroparesis which I think is more likely the issue.

I may go to the doctor about it at some point but I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with it or knows anything about it?


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Going to the GP is the thing to do to get a proper diagnosis, and the sooner the better to prevent irreversible issues.

You can have insulin-resistance for decades, and indeed if it doesn't progress to (pre)diabetes it may never be identified, but those high hormone levels can be as damaging to the nerves as high blood glucose levels would be.

You might try an ICS-NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme low-carb approach:

5+ portions per day of berries and non-starchy veg

5 to 10 portions of natural fat

0 to 4 portions of low Gi carbohydrates

2 to 3 portions of protein (fat intact) and

2 to 3 portions of full-fat dairy.

God bless you!

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Hi there I am interested in what you have said, does gastro paresis cause weight gain, due to slow metabolism? I was told I had Dysbiosis but have been on meds for gp.


Gastroparesis slows transit because the nerves aren't functioning properly.

This video explains how insulin resistance influences weight gain.


Thank you for that I have been on domoparion for Gastroparisis.


Will watch this now :)


The thing is most of their methods to diagnose include swallowing radio active substances which I'd rather avoid. Then once diagnosed there's the option of drugs or diet change - I wouldn't go for the drugs option anyway and would opt for diet change - I've already changed my diet in response to the pain and being sick over the years so I'm skipping the whole chemical part and concentrating on diet.

I was just wondering if anyone could teach me more about gastroparesis and their experience.

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