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Its hard to add calories!!

CrimsonMama6 stone

Just sitting here without much to do so I thought as I am getting into maintenance mode instead of weight loss I would play around with what my daily consumption would look like with the extra calories I am allowed! And it seems crazy! I don't feel I will need the extra food! But neither will I want to keep losing weight?

The main benefit is I would like to have a bigger breakfast to keep me going through work. Usually I have just half a slice of bread toasted with jam or lemon curd. I will be able to have a whole slice like 'normal people' lol so that's a massive plus! Then I figured I could allow myself a biscuit or two at work. What a treat! Lol

I'm happy with my current meal plans and fruit or ice cream for dessert. I could increase the portion size a little. But I don't feel like its needed?

And I still end up with tonnes spare for snack time in the evening! I already have crisps and chocolate, some fruit and a cereal bar. I could add a crumpet. But really ... I've cut down a lot over my weight loss journey.

Is it so bad to eat under your calorie limit? Or maybe I should just 'save' calories up for when I visit my mum (once every two weeks) as she always wants us to eat out somewhere. Then I won't have to be as calorie conscious as I usually am?

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If you don’t use any of these you could add, cream, butter, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, cheese. They don’t add much quantity, so your food won’t look ‘over facing’, but they do add calories.

CrimsonMama6 stone in reply to lucigret

After so long cutting calories down it just feels wrong!!! I do love cheese! But I've got used to small amounts. Feels as good as winning the lottery to say hey yes now you can have more! But it feels too good to be true!!!

lucigretAdministrator in reply to CrimsonMama

Do it gently and enjoy 😊


I agree with Luci, just make the changes slowly, and enjoy them, 😊.


Instead of adding calories with extra toast, crumpets or sugary carbs. its far better to add more healthy fats and protein... an extra egg , handful of nuts, Greek yoghurt , cream in your coffee. It will satisfy you without making you feel bloated and will optimise your health and muscles. Unfortunately, processed carbs or foods with sugar do the opposite.


I agree with elliebath to add healthy calories and not processed sugary ones. You could be on a downward spiral introducing too much sugar to your diet. I do a fair amount of socialising so to maintain I still make sensible choices and never have a desert, then I will fast the following day. It works for me.

CrimsonMama6 stone in reply to Lesley1234567

To be honest I've never been a healthy eater. I dislike nearly all veg and only now have started eating fruit. I've lost six stone whilst still eating sugary, fat foods. As long as it's in my calories limit it has worked for me. My cholesterol test from the docs came back all good too.

elliebathMaintainer in reply to CrimsonMama

You've done very well to lose so much weight but even when we lose weight, keeping it off is another ball game.

Unfortunately it's not just about calories, the healthier the content the easier it is to maintain. I would say that now is the perfect time to focus on the quality of your foods rather than just the calories.

Ive been maintaining for 4 years and still eat chocolate (but 1 bar per week not per day ) and drink wine at weekends. But 80% of the time I eat lowish carb and healthy fats, otherwise the weight goes on. Have a look at the Mediterranean way of eating that's very easy to adapt to.

PippiRunsWorking at it

Congratulations Crimsonmama! Amazing result. Exiting that you are now moving into maintenance. How many calories have you been eating to lose weight? And how many do you think you need to maintain?

I agree with others who suggest you spend the extra calories on more protein and healthy fats.

You’ve certainly learned to master your calories, now perhaps the next step is to learn to master your macros 💪

CrimsonMama6 stone in reply to PippiRuns

When I was 15stone 6lbs I think I was on about 1700 calories weekdays and 1900 weekends. Every time I lost half a stone I recalculated using the NHS bmi calculator and as my weight reduced so did my calories but at a nice slow pace so the changes I needed to make were minimal. Towards the end I have been on 1400 Mon,Tue, wed and Friday. Thursdays I have been doing 900 calories and weekends I've always needed a bit extra so have been 1800.

To maintain I can go up to 2000 weekends and 1900 week days. Actually a touch more more I rounded the 1927 or whatever it was down to 1900. After being on 1400 an extra 500 calories is enormous!!

CrimsonMama6 stone in reply to CrimsonMama

PS - I do want to start working on my muscle so yes extra protein could be the way to go!!

PippiRunsWorking at it in reply to CrimsonMama

I can totally understand that it feels crazy to eat 500 calories more than you have been eating recently.

I would probably try to up my calories to maintenance level slowly. I think I would add 200 calories for a couple of weeks and see what that would do to my weight.

Let's know how you choose to go about it!

CrimsonMama6 stone in reply to PippiRuns

Yeah I was thinking that too! I am only borderline in my healthy range so I need to come down a bit more. I would like to add a 100 calories to my breakfast as I don't get a break at work so have to go between 8am and 4pm without food. Which I'm used to but sometimes its hard to resist free chocolates or biscuits offered at the reception desk. A bigger breakfast might help me stay stronger!

PippiRunsWorking at it in reply to CrimsonMama

That’s a good place to start. And then maybe a small bag of almonds in your pocket to snack on.

Depending on many things, the "usual advice" is:

No food (fasting)

Intermittent Fasting

No carbs (Keto is close to no carbs)

No refined carbs or sugar

Low carb or Low-Carbohydrate, High-Fat (LCHF)

Reduced Carbohydrates

No Grains

Whole grains only

I Eat "No-grains" Buckwheat muesli for breakfast, and full-fay set yoghurt, and an apple, orange and a banana. I still do not eat 14:00-10:00.

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