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Bye Bye Sugar

Great news. I was pre diabetic at 43 on the glycemic sugar scale back in February. Had a blood test a month ago. Results are back. The count is now 36 and I am back to normal.

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That is great news, Goodnessknows :)


That's great!

For some, cutting sugary foods is enough. For others, they learn to appreciate that all carbohydrate ends up as glucose in our body, so portion control of all carbs is necessary (most people need <130g carbohydrate per day).

Unfortunately, because we've been conditioned for so long, some people fear eating the natural fat (mostly monounsaturated) that our body uses to fuel most activities. They can keep that up for a limited period, but unless they succumb to an eating disorder, eventually hunger entices them to ditch the diet.

Too much protein is also harmful. In excess it is also converted to glucose with harmful side products including ammonia and urea. it stimulates TOR too, that directs resources to growth rather than repair, leaving us susceptible to cancer for example.


The downside is I've been told that my cholesterol could be better so it's suggested I do some tweaking. Cut out the cheese and cream and eating porridge with nuts for breakfast. Hope it works.


Hello would you like to join our weigh in? Here's the link, hope to see you there! :-) x


Congratulations, that must feel great! x


I was determined. I like the smaller waistline too.


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