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New exercise focus

So I’m fed up of being stuck in a rut and piling on weight! I joined this site a week ago but haven’t really committed to eating healthy at all so we will see what tomorrow’s weigh in brings! I have been a member of the gym over a year but haven’t been for the last 4 months! I got into a routine of going to some morning Hiit classes which I loved but I wasn’t eating right and didn’t see the effects! I also wasn’t pushing myself as hard as I could because my general fitness is less that poor so I’ve been thinking that I will give the couch to 5k app a go and focus on that with healthier eating for 9 weeks and build myself back up to these hiit classes! I’m going to weigh tomorrow and see how I’ve done and still have focus on what I’m eating finish my last week of work off (I’m moving jobs) and then next week while I have a bit of time off before the new job I’m hitting the app

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Good luck getting back into the groove, see you at Wobblers tomorrow! :-) x

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Would you like to join the tortoise and hare club? There is a new post every week. You can run, jog, walk either indoors or outside. Link to this week below. There will be a new post this Sunday.


Hi there,

You are not alone, I have struggled with losing weight myself for years. Have been diagnosed with hypertension, borderline diabetic, high cholesterol.

I have since brought all that down, and yes it's so easy to fall back into bad habits, but guess what, you are not alone, and we are not perfect.

What we need to do, is do the best we can, for as long as we can. I am happy to hear you wish to start the couch to 5k, as trust me, it is an amazing programme, and a tool that, believe it or not, if you stick to it, it can revolutionize, and change your life, and the way you look at running.

I have never ran in my life, apart from when I woz at school, and that was a looooong time. I am 55yrs old now, and I could not even run 2mins or less, and now (drum roll)I am officially a runner from yesterday 13th Aug, I have ran for 30mins none stop. Hurrah.

The couch to 5k programme is brilliant as you have a trainer coaching you all the way, telling you when to walk, and when yo run, and its also amazing to see how your fitness levels and stamina builds up overtime.

My stamina has gone to the roof, and I can remember when my couch tells me it's time to slow down, and ready to walk again, I would find myself keep on running, because I feel so good and can go on and on.

I mainly run on for mins at the end of my last minutes, and although I feel I can run on and on. The only thing that stops me is the fact i am closer to home, and must have that 5min warm up walk.

Please try it, and be committed and you will reap the benefits. I am soo confident in doing the couch to 5k, that I can be an ambassador for this program. I don't know what I will do next, but may go on doing couch to 10k. But I will definitely be running as my hobby I am addicted now.

I have also seen a difference in my weight lost, and believe it or not the big belly I had is coming down slowly but surely. I can go on, and on, but I will stop, and would love to hear how you get on.

I dont like gyms, as the health people say to you you must do all these strengthening exercise, and they go on to say if you are disabled and cannot do any or a lot of exercise, do what you can.

I cant lift weights coz of my back, and running has strengthened my back, as I haven't been to my chiropractor for months. So I will run to good health.


Hi I packed up gym as always made excuses not to go.... but I go to dance studio and do clubbercise and Zumba and boogie bounce classes. You workout at rate you can cope. I do aqua Zumba too so when i was 4 stone heavier I didn’t put too much pressure on joints. Also made sure added to daily walking etc. Now I’m fitter and lighter I go cycling too. Never too late to exercise and I love feel good feeling it gives too.

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