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Feel bad

Hi all

Not having a great time went a bit of my health eating fell to the wayside but get back on track

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Don’t feel bad angelbabe62 it’s tough changing our habits! I’ve been craving carbs all day and one of the reasons I haven’t given in to the cravings has been staying online and reading posts!

You’re here for your health, you’ve committed to getting ‘ back on track ‘ so well done!

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Hi, what did you think of all the information moreless gave you when you joined, specific to your diabetes? Here's your post and her reply healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

I'm guessing you've made some big changes to how and what you eat and that can be difficult at first but your new approach will fall into place as you feel the health benefits.

Why not join the Tuesday Trimmers weigh-in today? Lytham and the gang will make you very welcome, and your support for them, giving some encouraging replies, will be appreciated

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Hi you've just joined and you have replies already from people wishing you well, just say Hi and you'll soon get to know everyone ! :-) x


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