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Beginner exercise

Hi All,

I want to try and incorporate some exercise into my 12 week plan (which I'll be starting properly tomorrow now I have a fridge full of healthy food).

I'm menopausal, sedentary job, dodgy knee and fairly unfit (although I do walk over 10000 steps most days as I have a dog).

What are you all doing?

No idea if I'm posting in right place or if this has been asked several times before....

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Hello and welcome Green25 😊

10,000 steps a day is fabulous, dogs really do make the best exercise buddies dont they? 😊🐾

My advice is to build up your walking speed, start with a minutes of fast then a couple slower if you need to, something to get your heart racing. You should be able to “speak but not sing” 😊 Then I would look at some strength exercises, working on your knees as well as the rest of you. I like yoga but have a look here too

I’m not sure what meals you have planned but have a look at this, menopause disrupts our hunger and appetite hormones as well as everything else

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My favourites are cycling (at least 3 miles a day to work and back, sometimes other trips, it adds up over the week), yoga, hula hooping and gardening. I'm post-menopausal. I think swimming is supposed to be good on the ol' joints but I find it a bit dull tbh. I also like Zumba but can't get a class at a convenient time for me.

I think what matters is what you fancy doing. Nobody is going to keep going at exercise they dislike. You're walking every day, that's good exercise too.

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Hi, Green25, Welcome.

For an "over 30", and presumably overweight, person you are doing great - and the important thing is to avoid injury and not to aggravate your dodgy knee.

You might like to add some upper body exercise.

I do planks every morning - and, when I go for a walk, I take a machete to give me some upper-body exercise (and cut back the brambles).

Carrying a machete in an urban area might not be a good idea - but there are brambles on the paths all over where I live!


Machete! I think I'd soon get arrested here!

But you're right, I should work on upper body


I am 59 and have become really fit doing Zumba.Have a look on You Tube . Group exercise attracts all from 18 to 73 at our classes .Walking groups are good for a chat too as I was amazed I had walked so far as I talked and enjoyed the scenery knowing I wouldn't get lost was great .Circular walks are obviously more practical.


Ha I could have written exactly the same thing except the steps as I’ve got very lazy, I started the instructorlive exercises on nhs livewell 2 days ago, the beginner pilates was really good as looking to strengthen and build up some general fitness first, tried the beginner yoga with LJ yesterday found some of this too difficult but decided to just do what i could and accept it will (probably) get easier. Was a bit disappointed I’ve got so unfit. The nhs exercises are a good intro and you can mix them up to get different challenges before you commit to buying anything, there’s a knee strengthening one too :)


I am angry how I've allowed myself to put on weight and get so unfit. Will look at the bus exercises....well done for making yourself do them!


Hello, CBSB :) Are you wanting to lose weight and join the forum or are you here to support others? You're very welcome, either way


Thank you,just trying things at the mo might pop in and out, life takes over most of the time but having a few quiet days this week so trying something for myself and happy to share with others :)


Good for you, make the most of it :)

I'll give you a Visitor badge so you don't keep getting asked if you want to join


:) good luck


It great to hear you manage 10k steps but you need to walk without your dog, my dog will sniff every blade of grass if I let him. As IndigoBlue61 says, you need to up your pace and you may only be able to do that without your dog. I suggest you look at walking 2-3 miles each day, I started by walking 2 miles during the week and just over 3 (5k) at the weekend. It is important you walk the distance, no matter how long it takes you. When I started it took me 40 minutes to walk 2 miles and just over the hour for 3.1 miles (5k). It took me 6 weeks but I got that time down to 28 minutes for 2 miles and 44 minutes for 5k and I lost 6kg in that time. I would then shower something light to eat and drink, then take the dog for his walk :)

Good luck with your exercise and lets us know how you get on.


Hello, NYA2019, are you wanting to lose weight and join the forum or are you here just to offer support? You are very welcome, either way :)


Hi BridgeGirl, both. I need to lose weight, aiming for 20kg, and offer support. I thought I was already a member of this forum and one other.

I'll share what works for me and understand what works for me may not work for someone else. It's hard work trying to lose weight and we all need encouragement :)


Hi, once you have had an 'official' welcome, a badge appears beside your name. You don't have one and that's how I spotted you. You do now :)

You sum up what the forum is about, sharing and supporting from our own experience and knowledge, and others are free to take or leave whatever they want.

This Welcome post will help you find your way around I recommend joining a weekly weigh in on the day of your choice, and using the Daily Diary for meal planning.

You might also like to join our exercise challenges (Kicking the Ks and Time to Get Moving): you'll find them in Pinned Posts. They run weekly and the new one will open tomorrow, where members log their exercise minutes and/or ks for the previous week.

Otherwise, have a look around and come back with any questions :)


Wow that is impressive. Not sure how I would find the extra time, but you're right, I have a male dog who has to scent everywhere when out!

I think I will see when I can schedule in extra time....I guess that's the key, making the time...


I found finding the extra time tough to start with but I'm lucky enough to work from home and I decided to block book my diary at lunchtime and this is when I now do my 2-mile power walk. My wife walks the dog in the morning and I walk him in the evening.

I joined a fitness Bootcamp 5 weeks ago, but that's more for my fitness than losing weight and I've noticed I've now got the munchies!


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