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Looking for quick healthy recipes

I've recently had a minor operation which I'm still healing from so I'm not looking for anything too taxing but I am desperately trying to find some new healthy recipes. I'm bored of all my usual meals and to be perfectly honest cooking could also keep me entertained while I'm at home resting. I have no specific dietary requirements and I'm not a particularly fussy eater (although mushrooms are 🤢). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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You could see if there's anything you fancy in the Larder! :-) x


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Welcome back, emnerd98 :)

I hope you heal speedily and are 100% fighting fit very soon :)

We have many recipes in Topics, you could check out Lytham's Larder and you'll get daily inspiration from our Daily Diary, so why not log on to that regularly.

As it's been 7 months since you were last here, here's a reminder healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh... don't forget we've found active participation to be key to success.

Onwards and downwards :)

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Wholemeal pasta, quick tomato based sauce with peppers onion carrot and celery, and cold chicken precooked from chiller at supermarket. Also quick, half packet wholemeal rice, stir in microwaved mix frozen veg, add tin of tuna and some sweetcorn from tin. Flavour with chillis, soy and of bit of stock or herbs - dill and any chopped garden herbs. Hope these give u ideas.

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