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shopping list

i would really appreciate the help. ive just started this weight loss plan and im due to do my shopping tomorrow. last minute i know. i would love your shopping lists. i tend to do one big shop then top ups during the weeks. im booked in to see the dietitian in august but thought i would get a head start. i suffer from a lot of illnesses so this is something i want to control and hopefully it minimises the symptoms of my problems. hank you for any help that you give

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Hi cupitt and welcome.

Have look through all the menus that people were having today, maybe they can inspire you :)

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Hi and welcome, cupitt86 :)

My shopping list contains only fresh, natural ingredients, so meat with the fat and skin, oily fish, eggs, full fat dairy (milk, butter, cream, cheese, yoghurt), vegetables, berries, nuts and seeds. No processed foods, including low fat/light/diet products.

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Wishing you all the best :)


Hi cupitt86 . I plan my week's dinner menus (usually based on the Hairy Dieters recipes, which are all calorie counted for you) then make a shopping list, so I know I've got all the ingredients I need. Tend to work around red meat twice a week, chicken three or four times and fish or veggie twice a week. Breakfast for me is always Greek yogurt, fruit and nuts, lunch is always some kind of prawn/cheese/chicken/egg salad in summer, varied soups in winter. I try and buy fruit and veg in season, it's better for every reason you can think of. Good luck!


Hi and welcome cupitt86 .

I tend to plan my meals around protein and veg, and while I have a list I take to the supermarket I often leave it a bit flexible so I can see what's bargainous when I get there.

But typically I like to buy:



Large prawns

Berries or cherries

(I often buy the above frozen if I can, seems cheaper that way and of course keeps better.)

Lots of green veg (incl frozen "staples" like peas).

Salad peppers.



Butternut squash.

A little fruit.

Lemons and limes (I use these a lot in cooking, zest and juice, give flavour but not many cals at all)


Alcohol-free lager (becks blue, only 40 cals a bottle).

Tinned tomatoes.

Tinned salmon.

Tinned pineapple.

Tinned "posh" pulses like chickpeas and butterbeans.

Greek yogurt (I like the 0% fat kind although lots of people will warn you off that.)

Milk (skimmed, see comment above)

Double cream (full fat +++)

Porridge oats

Unsweetened "posh" muesli

I'm quite keen on "Heck" Italian chicken sausages.

The occasional calorie-counted ready-meal if I know I'm going to have to stay late at work.

I tend to avoid buying sweets, crisps, biscuits, cakes, fruit juice, bread, and anything with pastry.

Also - top tip - buy stuff you actually like to eat, calorie-count the heck out of it and enjoy it! Don't buy anything "worthy" just because you think you ought to.

Wishing you all the best on your weight-loss journey.


Hi cupitt86 and welcome :)

Eggs are always on my shopping list; it's a rare day that I don't have an eggy meal :) I have hens' and duck eggs. Green veg, particularly savoy cabbage, leeks, spinach and broccoli (they all go well with eggs, in or alongside an omelette, for instance). Cauliflower, too, for cauli cheese.

Cheese that I cook with - cheddar, blue, cream and parmesan - and some for eating by itself or in salad. Salmon, frozen prawns (great for a stir fry) and a pack of smoked mackerel. Salad stuff - lettuce, watercress, spring onions, peppers and anything else that catches my eye.

Sometimes, I look out for a new veg to try, or one I don't often use e.g. fennel, celeriac or kohl rabi: there are always people on the Daily Diary or elsewhere on the forum who will come up with ideas for cooking it.

I have cream for making cheese sauces, and creme fraiche to go with the strawberries that are around at the moment, though I think I'm overdoing them.

In the freezer, at the moment, I have pork steaks, chicken legs with skin and bone, a ribeye steak (my favourite), smoked salmon, pork sausage (at least 95% meat). Bacon in the fridge.

I always look out for bargains as do plenty of other members: see these posts

Happy shopping!

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Oooo ducks' eggs... I haven't had any for ages but they're the best.


Only recently discovered they have them in Morrisons 🦆


They are so rich and yolky.

I'm often proved wrong but I think HappyBeee has a penchant for ducks' eggs.

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Salcheq too, I think


Or maybe I'm mixing the two :O

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It's me! And my mum just sent up a dozen with my sister - yippee!

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That's the problem with the two of you having such similar names :O


:D :D :D


Im as above except I substitute beans ( mung, canillini, aduki) lentils or tofu for meat. Lots of nuts. No alcohol because I don't like the taste. But one 150g bar of good chocolate which I eat over the course of the week. I also eat 3-4 bananas a week

I have a small store of quorn frozen broccoli and peas. Just in case I cannot cook that day and have nowt else in stock.


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