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Has anyone considered a gastric balloon?

Has anyone considered a gastric balloon? My weight has remained the same for the last 6 months and I can not shift anymore. I would love to know people's opinions. I have been looking at a few clinics but scared to make the next move.

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Hi and welcome, Changing_Jenny :)

Before making such a drastic decision, why not join us for a while, to see if we can help you? If you log your menus on our Daily Diary, we will be able to offer informed advice.

Follow this link to our chat thread and a list of all the activities we run. We've found active participation to be key to success, especially with our weigh-ins and Daily Diary.


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I really suggest you don't. Think about it: is there any good reason to believe that you personally are so radically different from the rest of the human race that you need your stomach modified? Did nature really get it so badly wrong when She made you? I highly doubt it.

Apart from anything else, these interventions have a very mediocre rate of success. There's absolutely no physiological reason why forcing someone to eat less would cause them to maintain a lower bodyfat ratio.

Your plateau can almost certainly be fixed by just changing what you eat. As moreless said, hang around and you'll get some ideas from others who have been where you are now and solved the problem.


Exactly what’s being said here. I could never lose weight for years and it was frustrating being up at 315+ for the guts of 10 years and it going nowhere. I joined a different site to here for men and it started to come together. I joined here, mixed in and it came off also. There are plenty of supports and knowledge to get you on your way I love the supports on the weigh ins. Like our own cheerleading squads. These forums have a good mix. It’s about active participation. Good luck but keep the last resorts to where they are. The last resort


Hi Changing_Jenny, I know people who have gone through that process with different results. All of them were morbidly obese, with BMI higher than 50 and other health complications, the procedure was recommended in some regions of Spain before a stomach reduction surgery, and was performed after trying many other things, under the advise of an endocrinologist and because there were other conditions. I don't know what your situation is, but I would only consider it if it was my last option to be healthy. It was really hard for them psychologically (including depression) specially for those for whom the procedure wasn't successful,


Hi sweetheart, Why are you considering a gastric ballon? It’s not free, and you have to have it removed after 6 months. It’s a bit of a gimmick really. If I had been on a weight loss journey (which I am) and hadn’t Gained weight - I would probably think positive like ‘Well that’s a relief ‘....

I’m not saying be content, I just wouldn’t beat myself up. It took me YEARS of dieting until it happened for me. In that time I considered surgery. Then one day, I changed my diet to vegetarian.

I have lost 26kg’s in 6 months! I have not starved myself, but use the ‘Traffic Light’ system religiously! Try cutting out a Red portion of food everyday - and be Surprised!

Good luck, keep posting! xx


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