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Haven’t got a scooby

Just joined but not sure what am doing ..... help

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Hello Ninnysunshine and a very warm welcome to the forum 😊

This a very busy forum with lost going on, i shall tag you on our chat thread so you can see a full list of all the activities, have a good read but feel free to ask if you have any questions 😊

You will have been given links to our Pinned Posts in your Welcome message when you first joined, please read them carefully, especially the Welcome Newbies and the Security Post.

Best Wishes in your weight loss journey

Indigo 😊


Everyone will give you sensible advice about low carb & high fat diets. Here are my 2 pence worth though, based on very personal experience...

- if you are hiding what you eat from anyone, it usually means you are eating too much. This includes hiding crisp & sweetie wrappers at the bottom of the bin, ahem...

- if you feel you have to justify your food choices in front of other people, you are eating too much

- crisps have no place in a weight loss strategy even if they only have 98 kcal a bag and are called quavers

- if the fish & chip shop people recognise you, it’s time for a change

- excess food because you over catered is better in the compost bin than on your tum, it was a waste but that’s done & not not worth being fat for

- there is a lot less healthy food handy than unhealthy, unless you work in the city of London where it’s all kale & sprouted almond milk

- it’s good (essential) to change what we eat, but usually tubby people need to eat less as well.

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Haha, I thought you were looking for a scoby to make Kombucha. 😆


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