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No confidence

Hi everyone I follow everyone on this forum, but I have never found the courage to write anything. I’m desperate to lose weight. With every pound that goes on, the more I don’t want to leave the house, as I’m disgusted with myself. I manage to lose a few pounds, but always find them again. I’m moderately active. I walk about 10miles a day and also ride. I do have some limiting health issues.

Sorry that I’ve droned on.

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Well done for finding your courage to write and you will find the courage to lose weight too! Its not easy but joining in the Daily Diary and a weigh in will help, good luck ! :-) x


Hi and welcome, 1703 :)

I'm delighted that you've plucked up the courage to introduce yourself and you certainly haven't droned on! The beauty of this forum, is that it's a real community. Everything is set up for group activities, discussion and support, personal blogging is not necessary.

You've probably seen it all before, but follow this link to our chat thread and a list of all the activities we run. We've found active participation to be key to success, especially with our weigh-ins and Daily Diary.

To make navigating the forum easier, we've put all the information you'll need in a newbie pack and here's the link

Please take the time to read it carefully, so that you're able to enjoy everything that we have on offer.

We ask that you also read this important information about internet privacy and security.

Wishing you all the best :)

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Please do not be disgusted with yourself and don't beat yourself up.

Write a few words about yourself if you welcome some advice from the forum folks.

That you joined here and follow posts if a sign that you want to manage weight. That is a very positive attitude.

Recognising the issue with your weight is one of the first steps towards weight loss.


Hi 1703!

I am sure everyone else has posted much the same but you are certainly not on your own!

I am a serial self-sabotager who gets so far in losing weight then gives up so soon as the effort and deprivation and enormity of the situation of how much I have to lose kicks in!

I am currently trying something new.. I have successfully tried this with alcohol and I am now applying it to weight loss.

I read somewhere that the more you try not to think of a white rabbit - the more it is in your head and that's what I feel about food. The more I try to focus on foods to avoid the more I want them.

So I am saying that I can have them if I want to but am choosing not to.

I chose to have one slice of mixed grain bread with a healthy soup for dinner and enjoyed every last mouthful.

I have written a plan for exercise and have started that today.

I am praising myself every step of the way and not contemplating the bigger picture ie how much I have to lose in total

Sorry for the long post!

Hope it helps!



I totally agree, Lucy, telling myself I can Never Have A Thing Again, or not until I reach my goal, makes me completely obsess about it! So when my plan's working best it's partly because I've planned in the odd glass of wine or occasional sweet treat. The important thing is that they are special treats not binge supplies!

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Welcome 1703. You are amongst friends here. Don’t be too hard on yourself....just join in when you feel that you want to. 🌼


I've got emotional just reading your post.

You've been reading the posts and replies and I'm hoping that you'll read everything that moreless has linked for you.

There's so much more to say but I'm guessing you've already got that just from reading the posts and replies.

I wish you all the best.


Don't ever feel worried about posting on here everyone is lovely and so supportive

Good luck and welcome I look forward to seeing more posts and hearing about your progress x


Great to meet you.

I hope you don't mind me saying this - you can totally take or leave everything and anything that's said on this and any Forum of course! - but you seem to be unnecessarily beating yourself up here. Have a look at what you've written - you say you don't want to leave the house and are only 'moderately active'...but you are riding and walking 10 miles a day, that's REALLY active! Most sources I've read seem to suggest that to be healthy you should be walking about 10,000 steps a day - that's only about 4.5 miles and you're doing over double that! Then you apologised for droning on when you've written a nice, succinct post! Goodness, if you think you've droned on you should see the essays I put on here!

So I'd say as a first step, don't be so hard on yourself! Because I bet that leads to comfort eating, right?

Next, come into the Tuesday Daily Diary and plan what you're going to eat tomorrow. I'm hosting it today/tomorrow!

Sorry to be bossy when you've only just got here! But you already sound like a pretty resourceful, great person in this one short paragraph, so give yourself some credit!


My goodness, did I read that right, you walk about 10 miles a day? That puts most of us to shame, I’m lucky to do 10000 steps, never mind 10 miles! Sounds like you just need a few tweaks to your diet. Perhaps think about getting rid of all unhealthy snacks from your cupboards and try to only eat fresh food cooked from scratch. Even if you are not a great cook salad and fruit takes no effort. Cut down on the alcohol and added sugar and with that much exercise you can’t fail to lose weight. Good luck and great to have you with us. X


Good morning 1703

Welcome to your first posting...whoop whoop !!!!

As you can see we are all supportive and on various accounts have the same struggles with body issues, weight, how we see things etc.

I am very positive, sometimes irritatingly so but its my nature...and being stubborn is an obvious bonus.

I am not fat but phat, being a big girl does not define who I am and at the moment I carry a few pounds / stone around on my hips and belly but its temporary and so is yours. Remember we only have one life and being disgusted with yourself, that i get, but please dont let it bring you down. Being happy about little things always gets me motivated. You must learn to love yourself, bumps, lumps and does not define the real you. You are an amazing beautiful creature in the jungle and we are here to support each other.

Have a super day everyone and remember ... dont look back, you are not going that way. Today is a new day with brand new adventures...


Hello 1703

Just adding my words of welcome to you. I joined in late April and I've found this forum to be very friendly, informative, supportive and helpful, as you might have seen already from reading posts.

We're all here because we have, or have had, a problem with our weight; sometimes that affects our general health, sometimes it affects our mood, and often it colours the way we see ourselves. I'm sure we've all felt disappointed in ourselves at times, but disgust is such a negative emotion.

I hope you can recognise that this feeling of disgust was a bit useful because it spurred you into positive action by posting here, but beyond that, disgust is not going to help you achieve your aim of losing weight in a sustained way. Positive thinking will, however.

I'm saying this because I've had to turn my thinking around as well, about food and about dieting. I don't call this a diet at all, I call it "my new way of eating", and I'm pleased to say I've lost a stone just by lowering my carbs and I've never felt hungry once. I'd never have known about it if it wasn't for joining.

Planning ahead of what you're going to eat really helps. If you post your planned meals every day, you can get constructive feedback on them from folk who are losing weight successfully. I have learned a lot since joining this forum.

Very best of luck to you, and we're looking forward to accompanying you on your weight loss journey, with all its hiccups and successes along the way.



Thank you. I’m looking forward to losing weight and getting some of my confidence back xx

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Welcome and well done on making your first post. Don't beat yourself up and don't think of all you've got to loose just take it in small steps. And don't deny yourself anything work it into your plan and more likely to stick to it and make what you do eat count. Good luck


Hello nice to meet you, you are in great company, and will get the support and help you need, it's hard, health issues are a challenge, I know, just think what little difference you can make, I will say what I am doing, if it's of any help, firstly I am disabled, all shopping is delivered, and I am overloaded with to be honest, not the best choice's for slimming down, cooking etc not easy....I am trying to do three meals a day nothing inbetween, except drinks, I am a tea lover, using up the food I have, no guilt, move on to portion size, then on to intermittent fasting....I don't know if that will help you, the advice and support will come, I find this site so accepting and supporting, you are not disgusting, please let go of that, I hope my plan may help, I am new, a work in progress! take care.


You said you walk about 10 miles a day and also ride, and you consider yourself " moderately active"??!!😲😲 I'm lucky if I can walk up the hill on the way back from the store! That's EXCELLENT!! If you can walk and ride every day, you will definitely lose the weight!! 👍😊


Hello 1703, have you had a chance to read all the lovely messages that have been left here for you. I am hoping that you have and that you are feeling a little better about yourself. How about coming back and having a chat with each of the people here that have taken the time to respond to you. All you have to do is to click on reply under each message and by the time you get to the bottom you will have made approximately 10 virtual friends. You are anonymous, just like the rest of us, we don't know you and we certainly don't judge you, but we would love to help you grow in confidence :)


You aren't droning ...we are all here to express our views , let off steam and support each other . We all have the same common goal . You make a lot of effort with exercise so why not do that then eat . I attend classes at 8pm . It stops me eating when I am at my most risky time to binge eat . Portion sizes are important . If you are tempted then eat only a small amount . Bad day = 1 day then start again . Confidence will come with weight drop.


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